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The Science of Promotional Products

All About Materials

All right, all right, settle down over there. I know learning about the materials used in promotional products is extremely fascinating. Like probably think it's just for koozies, but did you know it's also used to make scuba diving suits? What about polyester and polypropylene? Did you know those were types of plastic? Stick with me, and you'll be an expert on promotional products in no time!

The Syllabus

Different Types of Plastic

When it comes to creating the best promotional product, it’s important to know your GIFs from your PNGs. Get ready to dive into the world of file formats.

Different Types of Fabric and Their Uses

Fabrics are woven into our everyday lives and are used to create a number of popular products. Each has different chemical properties and can be used for everything from raincoats to power belting.

Difference Between Pill and No-Pill Fleece

Decide which material would be best for your promotional product needs (and comfort wants) with this informative course. You'll learn all about the differences between the two materials and how fleece is manufactured.

50/50 vs. 100% Cotton

Even if you're not the best at math, you can see that a fifty-fifty cotton blend just isn't the same as genuine one hundred percent cotton. Find out why!

What is Neoprene?

Learn all about the fascinating material known as neoprene and how it's used in a number of interesting products, including wetsuits for scuba diving!

Different Types of Lead

Did you know there isn't actually lead in the middle of your pencil? In this lesson, we'll learn what you're REALLY writing with!

BPA Promotional Products

What exactly is BPA? Why does everyone worry about it so much? Get the low-down in this lesson!

What is Proposition 65?

Prop 65 is a law that regulates BPA and other chemicals and materials in products. Read on to learn more about Proposition 65.

Ounces in Garments

Since garment weight is measured in ounces, it's important to know how heavy a piece of clothing will be based on the amount of material. Learn more here!

Custom Koozie Materials

Promotional koozies come in a variety of materials, each with a different purpose. The most common are made from neoprene or foam, which work as good insulators and keep your beverages nice and cold.

Do Stress Balls Work?

Stress balls are proven to improve blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, and concentration. They also build hand strength, create a healthier heart, and boost energy. Aside from all that, they’re a great way to advertise a business or non-profit.

Different Types of Inks and Their Uses

Although many people associate ink with pens and printers, there are many other kinds. From a cake with your face on it to a temporary tattoo your child got at a birthday party, different inks were used to create those images. Whether you use erasable, glow-in-the-dark, or invisible ink, you can find it everywhere and on everything!

Different Types of Pens and Their Uses

While some people may choose pens solely based on preference, there are some that work best for different scenarios. Certain pens can write on almost any surface, such as granite, ceramic, black paper, or wood. Whether you need a pen for space travel or wedding invitations, knowing the different types will help you pick the perfect one for any situation.

Different Types of Tote Bag Materials

It’s fun to go shopping for clothes and furniture, especially when they’re on sale or have a design you love. Your decision to purchase a specific t-shirt or table might also be based on the material used to make it. For example, you may buy that adorable sweater because it’s soft or a leather sofa because it’s easy to clean. The same goes for tote bags! Whether you want a water-resistant material or one that’s safe in the washer, there’s a fabric out there for you.

What Are the Different Types of Mugs?

No matter what the occasion, we all need easy access to our favorite drinks. Maybe you’re driving across the country to move and want a travel tumbler full of coffee to keep you company. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect ceramic mug as a Mother’s Day gift. In these moments, it’s helpful to have a variety of options to choose from.

What Are the Different Types of Adhesives?

You know that stick of glue from kindergarten? That's an adhesive! How about that gum you used to plug a hole in your leaky pipe? It's gross, but that's also an adhesive. Turns out, we use these bonding substances more often than we might realize. They're a huge part of many things we rely on every day, from our cars to the roof over our heads!

Further Reading

The Anatomy of Pens and Pencils

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