Promo Products 101

Introduction to Promotional Items

Hey there, and welcome to Promo Products 101! You might be curious about what Promo Products 101 covers. Well, this course is designed as a broad introduction to the wonderful world of promotional products. What was the first promotional product ever used? What does it mean when we call certain products "eco-friendly"? Did you find a padfolio listed on the Quality Logo Products site and ask yourself, "What in the world is a padfolio?" Promo Products 101 is here to help!

The Syllabus

What Does "Green" Even Mean? Understanding Eco-Friendly Products

We'll take a look at popular eco-marketing terms to find out which promotional products are best for the environment.

Environmental Impact of Promotional Products

Learn how promotional products affect the environment to ensure your giveaways are kind to Mother Nature!

How to Measure and/or Determine Your Hat Size

Learn how to properly measure your noggin so your hats fit just right! We'll also discuss converting UK and European hat sizes to US measurements.

What's the Difference Between Padfolio and Portfolio?

How can we tell the difference between a padfolio and portfolio? How are they typically used? Check out this course to find out.

What is the Shelf Life of a Promotional Product Battery?

Who doesn't love a battery-powered giveaway item? We'll learn all about how long you can expect certain battery items to last in this handy lesson.

Why are Red and Orange Mugs More Expensive?

Have you ever gone shopping for custom coffee mugs and noticed that red and orange mugs cost more than other colors? Learn why here!

Importance of Drinkware and Case Quantities

A case quantity is the amount of drinkware that will fit into one case. We'll examine the reasons why you should order your custom drinkware in case quantities!

Why Does My Shipping Cost So Much?

We'll dive into one of the fundamental questions that has plagued students of economics everywhere: why do I have to pay so much for shipping?

Acceptable Artwork and File Formats at Quality Logo Products®

There's a lot to keep track of when it comes to ordering promotional giveaways. All this talk about setup fees, logo colors, and printing is enough to make anyone’s brain feel all fuzzy!

Garment Imprint Locations

Learn where to place your logo on your next order of custom apparel. We discuss recommended zones for embroidery, as well as specific measurements for the imprint area.

What is a Gusset?

When you hear the word “gusset,” what comes to mind? Do you think it has something to do with fishing? Maybe you’re picturing a weird weapon. It turns out, a gusset has many uses, not limited to bridge building, food packaging, and pants wearing.

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are everyday items, like pens or tote bags, customized with a company’s name, advertising message, or logo. They are used to promote community events, as branded goodies at weddings and baby showers, and as general giveaways for professionals at trade shows.

The Different Types of Stress Balls

Stress balls can be shaped like anything, from hearts and stars to baseballs and brains. You can also find ones that are homemade, scented, and even digital!

Environmental Impact of Tote Bags

The world is being swallowed up by plastic grocery bags. You can find them in the garbage, piled high in landfills, or floating around in the ocean. We can all do our part to make the Earth more eco-friendly by switching to a reusable tote bag. The perfect tote can hold anything from books to groceries and is durable enough to use over and over again.

Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Promotional Products

Promotional products are a cost-effective marketing tool that work for any business. The world of marketing, however, is far from perfect. By recognizing the mistakes and how to avoid them, your promotional giveaways will look nothing short of spectacular!

What Are Cell Phone Wallets?

If you’re picturing a wallet that looks like a cell phone, you’re close but not quite there. A cell phone wallet is an adhesive pouch, made from silicone, spandex, plastic, metal, vinyl, or leather, that sticks to the back of your cell phone case.

Further Reading

The Anatomy of Pens and Pencils

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