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Bubba Keg Mug (34 Oz.)

Bubba Keg Mug (34 Oz.)

The Good: Fantastic lid, fits into standard cup holder*, plenty of room for contents, small minimum.

The Bad:
Few colors available, ridiculously big, not microwave or dishwasher safe, a bit pricey

The Bottom Line: If there is such thing as too much of a good thing, it's the Bubba Keg Mug (34 Oz.), an otherwise fantastic promotional product that might be living too large for its own good.

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Design (7.5/10): (top)
One cool thing about the personalized Bubba Keg Mug is its innovative lid.  A hinged piece can completely lock into the drink-through hole to prevent spills and can swing back to lock into place to allow you to drink.  All of this can be done without unscrewing the rest of the lid.  The only time the lid leaks is when you fill the entire custom Bubba Keg Mug, turn it upside down and shake it.  Even then, only a few drops escape from the pressure release hole.  For transport within a briefcase, you can solve this by putting a piece of tape over that hole.  The imprint is fairly solid, but the chrome can make it hard to read and a color match to the bottle makes it blend in even more.  We recommend choosing a contrasting color to stand out from the crowd.

*The wavy structure of the entire mug allows the bottom to slide into a standard sized cup holder and still maintain plenty of space to pump up the volume.  However, if a cup holder is close to a wall or other vertical service, it's possible that the excessive width of the Bubba Keg Mug (approximately 4 1/2" at its widest) could become a problem.

Features (7/10): (top)
Of course, the primary use of a mug is a daily beverage holder, but the large size of the personalized Bubba Keg Mug allows it to be a novelty item if you choose.  Pack it full of other promotional goodies like imprinted note pads, customized pencils and pens, and other office supplies to welcome new clients and employees to your company.  Available in black, blue, and red, you can most likely find something that looks good for your company, but this item does have a notably limited color palette.

Price (8/10): (top)
If your campaign particularly focuses on size such as making a "big splash," or making it "big" in your industry, the personalized Bubba Keg Mug might be a great way to go.  You can pack this item with other promotional items including business cards or gifts like instant coffee packets for great holiday gift sets or employee incentives.  However, the size can become more cumbersome once the novelty wears off, and who can really drink 34 ounces of anything in a sitting?  Unless your campaign is specifically focused on size or you have a comically large bladder, you should look into smaller versions.

The Bubba Keg Mug is a good example of a concept taken a little too far.  If you love the styling but need a bit of a break in size and price, the Bubba Keg Mug is available in a 20-ounce version.  If you need your 34 ounces of beverage power but don't have the cash, the personalized Insulated Mug is also an option.  Though it won't fit into a standard automobile cup holder and does not have quite the insulating power, it is nearly half the price.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: Mar. 6, 2008

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