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PolyPro FileFolio

PolyPro FileFolio

The Good: Plenty of room for media, fantastic price, huge imprint area.

The Bad:
Flimsy accordion file, open edges.

The Bottom Line: The personalized PolyPro FileFolio will work well for promotional packets, but it doesn't have the long lasting appeal and durability to compare to other models.

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Design (6/10): (top)
The custom PolyPro FileFolio suffers from a similar shortcoming as the PolyPro TriFolio: a weak accordion file.  With a few sheets in each slot, there’s no problem, but if the user loads magazines or lots of paper, the stress of the weight may tear the binding.  The cover, however, offers a large imprint area which shows detail extremely well.  The need for small lines and serifs will be diminished with the large area, but if you still have those little details, they will show up very clearly, especially if you go with a white imprint on the bold background.  Another drawback to this item is that the accordion file opening faces the opening of the entire unit, meaning some smaller pieces of paper may slip out if jostled in a briefcase or compu-attache.

Features (6.5/10): (top)
For such a slim item, the PolyPro FileFolio packs a lot of packing space.  Features include slots for two CDs/DVDs, five slots in the accordion file, two business card/ID slots, an 8-1/2" x 11" writing pad, and a pen loop. Bold colors include lime green, orange, purple, red, royal, and graphite.  With this variety, you can invest in a single white logo and mix-and-match different colored FileFolios to create an army of promotional items.  A black elastic cord wraps around a button on the front to keep all the contents together.  However, this does not seal the edging, so small papers or anything else held in the accordion slots may slip out.

Price (7/10): (top)
The price on the PolyPro FileFolio is very reasonable as a high retention item.  Whether you hand them out to school age kids or use them for projects within the office, this item offers daily exposure at a low price.  Also, it comes in slightly below the cost of buying it in the store even with our one color / one location imprint included.  The extra slots and accordion file save you from investing in an additional organizer, but the limits of the accordion file have been noted.  For something a little more sturdy and mature, the custom DuraHyde Padfolio offers similar features and looks fantastic.

The PolyPro FileFolio is a solid product for daily use and high retention.  It does have some structural shortcomings in the accordion file, but taking care with the item will lengthen its life considerably.  If your main recipients are corporate executives or lifetime customers, you’re going to want to shell out a little more for a higher quality item.  But with the right audience, you can definitely make a splash using the custom PolyPro FileFolio.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: March 19, 2008

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