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PolyPro TriFolio

PolyPro TriFolio

The Good: Available in vibrant colors, dark border draws attention to logo.

The Bad:
Impractical mesh pocket, flimsy accordion file.

The Bottom Line: Although the customized PolyPro TriFolio is a good looking promotional product, the structural imperfections detract from its appeal.

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Design (5/10): (top)
The quality of the PolyPro TriFolio can be judged on two separate counts: look and durability.  As far as look goes, the black border definitely pulls attention in towards your custom logo, achieving the brand awareness you're looking for.  The bold colors stand out against otherwise mundane school or office settings.   When considering durability, the PolyPro TriFolio has some drawbacks you should be aware of.  For example, the mesh pocket in the front is very taut, meaning you can't get very many items in without misshaping the structure of the time.  Also, it is a very deep, thin pocket that runs the length of the time, so smaller items are hard to fish out of the bottom.  When it comes to the accordion file beneath the writing pad, the plastic edges can pull apart relatively easily.  With ordinary use, your recipient should be in good shape, but any accidental tugs or overstuffing of this item could compromise the integrity of the endings.

Features (7/10): (top)
Having bold colors available for the color of the product is a very important asset to the PolyPro TriFolio, which secures a lot of support from school-related fundraising campaigns.  Colors include graphite, red, lime green, purple, orange and royal, which allows you to match to a mascot very easily.  The accordion file offers five slots for separate projects, subjects, family members, or any other way you want to organize.  The precreased plastic spine means you won't have to worry about those jarring white lines that come when you bend plastic where it was not meant to be bent.  The entire unit is secured closed with an elastic string that's wrapped around a button on the front.  Additionally, this item is designed so the open part of the file faces in towards the spine, eliminating the chance of papers slipping out of the product.  Each slot has a small sleeve for a label (a set of five is provided), and the labels can be easily replaced.

Price (6/10): (top)
Even though the custom PolyPro Trifolio comes in at only a few dollars, the questionable binding on the accordion file can become a problem if you want to use this unit to its full potential.  For a less expensive alternative, the personalized Tri-fold Standard Size Padfolio does not offer the accordion file but it does have an 8.5” x 11” pad as well as a wide mesh pocket.  If you’ve got a few more bucks and want to upgrade, the customized Prodigy Padfolio is a fun alternative that offers a soft padded construction and interior pockets.

Overall, the PolyPro TriFolio is a good investment for those on a budget.  Inexpensive, boldly colored, and with a huge imprint area, these can be effectively used for young children and their parents.  However, if you’re looking for a daily use item to be packed with tons of documents, you may want to look for a sturdier item.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: March 18, 2008

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