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White Emery Board

White Emery Board

The Good: Very compact, extremely affordable.

The Bad: May not attract men as well, only available in white, large minimum.

The Bottom Line: A great start-up item, the personalized White Emery Board will file away the ragged corners of any marketing plan.

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Design (6/10): (top)
The design of the White Emery Board is incredibly slender and therefore portable, but its small design also means it can't stand up to excessive wear and tear.  With some care, though, it should be no problem to transport it in a purse or briefcase, and it would be even safer from cracks and breaks in a desk drawer or glove compartment.  An inexpensive item that can definitely be used several times a week, the personalized White Emery Board is well constructed.  Because your logo and text are printed right on the rough surface, some of the fine quality can be compromised.  We recommend using large text and logos on the customized White Emery Board for this reason.

Features (5/10): (top)
As you might guess from the product's name, the custom White Emery Board is just that: white.  Although you can pick from many colors for imprint, you can only print one color on the surface.  However, this item is such a simple one that multicolor or complicated images would make it look crowded.  The imprint area is also small, at 4" x 5/16".  The 4" length allows for a longer string of continuous text than most products, and a single line will be most legible.  The personalized White Emery Board is designed for personal use on the hands and feet but could probably have more interesting applications - perhaps in woodworking - with some imagination.

Price (10/10): (top)
When it comes to getting a great deal, not many products beat the custom White Emery Board.  Although there is a high minimum order, each custom printed White Emery Board costs so little that your reach to potential clients will be unrivaled.  If you are just starting in your business or want to take advantage of bulk mail strategies to reach a new community, this is an excellent way to spread yourself thin - in a good way.

If you like the idea of taking advantage of the beauty industry and want to make bigger impacts on fewer clients, check out the Klipper Kit, a fantastic set of manicure/pedicure tools that will last longer than the White Emery Board. If you'd like to keep it less expensive and upgrade on quality, the Foto Nail File is a four-color process approach to buffing your nails and polishing your sales.

Ideal Markets: (top)
Salons, spas, hotels, resorts, massage parlors, women’s groups, musicians, bulk mailing campaigns, new businesses.

Published by Jana Tropper
Date of Publication: April 24, 2008

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