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Who says that reordering your favorite promotional items has to be costly?!

We know you're not made of money. You've got a business to budget – you've got enough to think about without extra fees! That's why Quality Logo Products believes in our Setup for Life ® program. Long story short, you'll never have to pay a setup fee on a reorder of the same product with the same artwork.

Reordering your promotional products with us has MAJOR perks when you're
Setup for Life ®:

*Same item and logo with any color combination.

*Same item and logo with any color combination.

That's not a typo. You'll never pay a logo setup charge on reorders!

It's difficult to budget for your business and deal with rising costs. But what if there was an expense you didn't have to deal with year after year? When you order from Quality Logo Products, you'll only have to pay a logo setup fee the first time you order a certain product with your artwork. We'll waive the setup fee next time you order that same product with the same artwork.
Boom – it's our Setup for Life ® program!

We already know (and love) your artwork, so reprinting it is a breeze!

You've been around the logo printing block before, but we're still going to guide you through the process and provide an art proof. Not to mention, we're happy to fix anything you didn't like on your original artwork. We'll have your logo ready to go, just the way you like it, so you can save time choosing the right color, or making sure your text is in the right spot.

Since we've done this before, turnaround will be lightning quick!

The first time you order a promotional product, there's usually some back-and-forth between you and your Quality Logo Products customer service rep. After all, we want to make sure your item is at its best quality. But with our Setup for Life ® program, we already have your previous order on file so we can process your reorder faster than you can squeeze a stress ball!

When you never have to pay a reorder setup fee, why go anywhere else?

forget about
PAYING A reorder