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Stress Ball Design Tips

Stress Ball Design Tips & Tricks

Now that you’ve selected the perfect stress ball for your upcoming event or trade show, it’s time to decide what to have printed. If you want your custom stress ball to turn out the best it can be (and you do), read on for some stress ball-specific tips to help you create the perfect imprint for your next promotion!

Circle Printing / Round Imprint
The imprint area for most stress ball shapes is round (since a lot of stress balls are round!).� While round imprints provide more than ample space for you to customize your item, they can make it difficult to print large amounts of information, especially text. The best way to get around that and get the most out of your imprint area is to curve the text around the perimeter of the imprint area. The good news? Here at QLP we provide free curved artwork!

Straight-Line Copy
This section only applies to stress balls that are round or have a raised or arched imprint area, like our Earth Stress Reliever, Brain Stress Reliever, or Heart Stress Reliever for example. When we’re printing copy in a straight line or a geometric box on a round surface area, the imprint can become distorted. Our experienced staff will do everything in their power to keep the distortion to a minimum, but it is likely some curvature of the imprint will occur.

Font Selection
There are two main types of fonts: serif and sans serif (no serif). A serif is a feature of the letters in a given typeset. Serifs are small lines that appear at the end of a line in a letter. An example would be the letter “T” in Times New Roman � at the end of each horizontal line is a little tick that hangs down. That’s the serif!

Serif fonts include Times New Roman, Bookman Oldstyle, and Courier. On the flipside, sans serif fonts are pretty straightforward. Take everything we just said about serifs, and forget about it because sans serif fonts are quite simply fonts that do not have serifs! Examples of sans serif fonts include Ariel, Helvetica, and Verdana.

Why does it matter? Well, when you are printing in a small imprint area (as you are with most stress balls), proper spacing is required to ensure serifs don’t fill in or bleed into one another. Another issue you can run into with serif fonts is that the serif may disappear if it is too thin or narrow to “take” while on the press, or it can appear thicker than the original proof. For all of those reasons, we recommend either using sans serif fonts or spacing out the letters in your artwork a little bit to prevent your type from bleeding when printed.

Large Amounts of Text/Copy
We’ve all heard the acronym K.I.S.S. � keep it simple, stupid. Important advice to follow in every aspect of your life, but we’re here to talk about stress balls, and that acronym is quite possibly the best advice you’ll ever receive when it comes to printing stress balls.

We know it’s hard to hear, but it’s important to resist the temptation to include a logo, tagline, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation on every piece of marketing material you purchase. Stress balls are unique promotional items, and as such, should be treated like so. Pick and choose the most pertinent information needed on your imprinted stress balls to help you achieve your marketing goals.

We highly recommend avoiding excessive text and/or ad copy. The more information you include, the smaller the contents of your imprint will be, and again you’ll run the risk of your imprint bleeding. With less information, the contents of your imprint will be larger and more crisp. Here are a few tricks you can apply to ensure you get the most bang for your buck while keeping your boss happy.

White Ink
Most of our stress balls can be ordered in a variety of colors, and oftentimes a white ink imprint is the best option when it comes to selecting a universal imprint color that will look great across all colors of an item. Under a lot of circumstances white ink is the ideal imprint color, but it should NOT be used if the imprint/design contains very narrow markings, fine detail, or thin type.

If you use white ink in any of those instances, the background color of the stress ball can overpower your imprint, giving it a faded appearance and making it difficult to read. In order to avoid any of those problems, the thicker or heavier your imprint can be, the better the white ink will appear when printed. If your artwork does contain narrow markings, fine detail, or thin type, we usually recommend a black imprint (except of course on BLACK colored stress balls!).

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