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Tension sucks! There's no eloquent verbiage in the universe that could turn stress into a positive attribute, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment. It may be tempting to fly off the handle and launch your belongings across a room when you're feeling stressed out, but it's more effective to adapt to your stressors in a non-destructive manner. That's where colorful stress balls come in! With a squishy stress reliever in your hand, how could you possibly harbor any angst?

People often wonder what a stress ball is, what materials it's made of, and why it's such a popular commodity. A stress ball, also commonly referred to as a stress reliever, is a small object made out of polyurethane foam or gel that tends to reduce anxiety levels when squeezed or handled. You can keep them on your desk, stuff them into your pocket, throw them against a wall, or toss them at a coworker. The idea behind stress balls is to distract and entertain while moods are tense!

Now that we've given you a vocabulary lesson, let's move on to the good stuff: why stress toys have become highly sought-after promotional products. Personalized pens and can koozies may be bestsellers, but they don't come close to the customization options available with stress balls. We have fifteen hundred stress ball shapes on our website and it would be inconceivable to browse through them without finding a perfect match for your field, industry, or cause. Do you specialize in internal medicine? Have your name and phone number printed on an Anatomical Heart Stress Ball or a Kidney Stress Ball. Are you promoting yourself at a comic book convention? Customize a Super Hero (or Heroine) Stress Ball or a Caption Bubble Stress Reliever. We can even personalize stress balls 100% to your specifications! No matter what your area of expertise or event, we have the squeezable promos you need!

Besides serving as cute forms of amusement and alleviating work-related tension symptoms, stress balls have proven health benefits as well. If you experience soreness in your hands, shoulders, or back, then regularly using the right type of stress reliever can sometimes help reduce the effects and keep you in a relaxed state. And to think that such tranquility stems from one little foam shape! You can find an imprinted stress ball that tickles your fancy no matter what your age, gender, or trade.

We've heard people diss stress balls and call them frivolous... do you know what we say to them? We encourage those naysayers to pick up a stress reliever and start squashing! Trust us; it's difficult to encounter one without testing its squeezability. Bring your company colors, business logo, and sense of humor to Quality Logo Products and we'll blend your personality into the stress ball you've always wanted for your advertising campaigns.

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