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Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Quality Logo Products
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It’s obvious that Quality Logo Products will save you time and money. However, your questions and concerns may not be obvious. Sometimes there are questions you may not have thought to ask at all! That’s one of the reasons why our customer service experts are trained to help you design a specialized program to get the results you seek. We will not only ensure that your products are printed to your EXACT specifications, but also guarantee that they are delivered on time for your event. Sound good? We’re just getting started!

Take a look at 10 good reasons why you should choose Quality Logo Products as your promotional items consultant today:

1.) We Do WAY More Than Just Take Your Product Order.
We understand that choosing the right promotional product is easier said than done. Whether you’re incorporating a product into an existing marketing campaign or designing an advertising strategy around a product, life can become pretty hectic. You could be asking: “Which product should I choose?” or “How many should I order?” or even “What color would work the best?” Never fear – our skilled customer service reps are here to provide helpful and creative input without taking control of the entire project. At Quality Logo Products, we take customer service very seriously, so you will have a positive experience whenever you place an order with us!

2.) We Actually Know Our Products.
Got a second? Try Googling “customized pen”. You received several million results, didn’t you? Now try substituting “customized” with a word like “imprinted” or “personalized”, and all of a sudden a simple product search becomes mind-boggling. Quality Logo Products has an incredibly vast product inventory, which will save you hours of sifting mindlessly through promo items until you find the one you want. Even if you’re looking for a product attribute like color, shape, or printability, the talented folks here at QLP can track it down for you and have it delivered before you can utter the words: “So, I have this deadline…”

3.) We’re Oh-so Savvy.
We know promotional products like no other!  We can advise you about your chosen product’s color, style, shape, and pricing as well as tell you how well-received it could be in the marketplace.  If there’s a trend in mouse pads, coffee mugs, golf products, or any other item we offer, chances are we’ll know about it.  We can inform you how to get attention in your industry based on past successes of other clients and the current marketing buzzes.  While some distributors show you what they want you to know, we show you what you want to know!

4.) We Treat You Like a Valued Customer, Not a Value Meal.
You are NOT a number! Once you have a Quality Logo Products account rep assigned to you, you’ll feel like you have a new best friend! Any time you place a new order or require assistance of any kind from us, you’ll have a familiar voice on the other end of the line. Unlike other distributors, we won’t constantly bounce you around from person to person and confuse things. We think you should know who you are doing business with! Bottom line: you’ll have access to a person who you know and trust, and who will be more than happy to jump on board with your latest promotional venture.

5.) We Center Our Service On You.
Sure, Quality Logo Products has served millions of happy customers through the years. But we can still guarantee that every single one of our accounts receives the same special one-on-one treatment as our very first customers. What does this mean for you? It means that you’ll be getting a free personal assistant to comb thousands of available products to find exactly what’s right for you. We won’t just pick a random product or suggest an item because we have overstock. We’ll leave that to our competitors!

6.) We Won’t Leave You High and Dry.
When you’ve selected your ideal promotional product and moved on to the final ordering stages, we won’t just leave you on your own! We can tell you if your logo or slogan will properly fit in the specified area, as well as whether or not your color choices will show up well. We will NEVER force a smile or a nod to all of your questions in order to rush you through the sale! Our goal is to provide you with maximum satisfaction every time, not just some of the time. The happier you are with your custom imprinted items, the happier we are!

8.) We Always Give You What You Want.
Promotional products can be a large investment, so why wouldn’t you want to see the specific colors and exact size of what you’re buying? One of our top priorities is to make sure that every specification (size, color, font, spacing, imprint type, etc.) is accurately represented on your imprinted items. Quality Logo Products reps know precisely which color combinations will “pop” and how previous orders have looked. An online form or an automated web site won’t give you that kind of reassurance!

9.) We Don’t Like Goodbyes.
So, what happens when you’ve completed the ordering process, received your items, and opened the boxes? If you are frustrated with the next step, all you have to do is call Quality Logo Products. We can help you with distribution ideas just as effectively as we helped with the rest of the process! If you find yourself stuck, our seasoned staff can suggest some great outlets for your new creative imprinted items. We are not going anywhere, so call anytime!

10.) We’re Incredible.
A mechanic is to a car as Quality Logo Products is to promotional items. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of customizable products, and all you have to do is say the word and we’ll swoop in to provide our expertise. If we were superheroes, we’d probably be the most awesome ones (not to brag or anything). Anyway, our point, besides the fact that we rock, is that we know what we’re doing. You are getting the BEST SERVICE and the UTMOST QUALITY when you choose Quality Logo Products for all of your promotional needs!

Don’t delay any longer......We at Quality Logo Products are waiting to serve you!


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