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Personalized Tire GaugesTire Gauge

QLP has the best selection of personalized tire gauges anywhere online. Order today and qualify for FREE printing and FREE setup on select items....

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  • Tire Pressure Gauge
    Tire Pressure Gauge

    $0.921 - $1.21 ea.

  • Quick View Tire Gauge

    #1 Best Seller

    Quick View Tire Gauge

    $0.85 - $1.79 ea.

  • Mini Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge Keychain
    Mini Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge Keychain

    $0.71 - $0.923 ea.

  • Mini Tire Gauge / Keychain
    Mini Tire Gauge / Keychain

    $0.67 - $2.00 ea.

  • Tire Gauge
    Tire Gauge

    $1.23 - $1.61 ea.

  • Mini Tire Gauge Key Chain
    Mini Tire Gauge Key Chain

    $0.67 - $1.07 ea.

  • Roadster Gift Set
    Roadster Gift Set

    $7.05 - $12.58 ea.

  • Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge
    Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge

    $1.03 - $1.64 ea.

  • Full Service Digital Tire Gauge
    Full Service Digital Tire Gauge

    $4.01 - $10.33 ea.

  • Aluminum Tire Gauge Keychain
    Aluminum Tire Gauge Keychain

    $0.89 - $3.61 ea.

  • High Pressure Aluminum Tire Gauge
    High Pressure Aluminum Tire Gauge

    $1.101 - $2.52 ea.

  • Key Chain Tire Gauge
    Key Chain Tire Gauge

    $0.99 - $2.58 ea.

  • Tire Gauge with Pocket Clip
    Tire Gauge with Pocket Clip

    $0.75 - $1.13 ea.

  • Tire Gauge With Clip
    Tire Gauge With Clip

    $0.94 - $1.50 ea.

  • Digital Tire Gauge Keychain
    Digital Tire Gauge Keychain

    $3.97 - $10.73 ea.

  • Safety Digital Tire Gauge Tool
    Safety Digital Tire Gauge Tool

    $10.93 - $19.52 ea.

  • Highway Jumper Cable and Tools Set
    Highway Jumper Cable and Tools Set

    $14.81 - $26.43 ea.

  • Put Some Pressure on Your Competition with Personalized Tire Gauges!

    What do you do to stay safe while you're on the road? Let's start with the basics: you probably snap your seatbelt into place before you set out for your drive. Beyond that, you probably take your car in for maintenance every now and then (maybe a little more "then" than "now," depending on how your monthly budget is looking, but at least you get that "Check Engine" light taken care of!). In between those two steps, there's something really simple that you and other drivers can do to make sure that your car is functioning at peak performance: you can check the air pressure in your tires. You don't even need fancy equipment to do it, either -- because we have tire gauges for sale at Quality Logo Products®!

    Custom tire gauges make one of the best giveaways for motorcycle, bicycle, or automobile-related businesses. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, which makes them an item people are likely to hang on to; they're also small enough to fit just about anywhere, from a bag or a purse to the glove compartment. They come in different convenient sizes, too. Key chain tire gauges are only a few inches long, so they're a great fit for any pouch people normally store their keys in. Standard tire gauges are about the size of a ballpoint pen, and with their handy clips, they're ideal to carry in a shirt pocket.

    Even better, our tire pressure gauge accuracy is second to none! Most promotional tire gauges offer additional functions or come included as part of a tool kit. Checking your tire pressure while you're inside of a parking garage? You're likely to get a lot of use out of a gauge that doubles as an LED flashlight. Need a tool to take care of some other quick fixes? Quality Logo Products® sells tire gauges that come attached to screwdrivers and Allen wrenches as well. You'll be showing all your friends how to use a tire pressure gauge in no time!

    You already saw us mention key chain tire gauges -- never leave home without one. And what automotive tool kit would be complete without a tire gauge, digital or otherwise?

    Our tire gauges made in USA make excellent giveaways for car dealerships, insurance companies, body shops, and maintenance garages. Whether you give them to customers who come in for regular maintenance, or you hand them out at an auto show or other community event, you're sure to get a lot of promotional mileage out of them. We're not inflating our claims, either! But don't take our word for it -- take a look around, and see which of our tire gauges might get your next promotion going.