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Quality Logo Products 2018 Supplier Awards

The Quality Logo Products 2018 Supplier Awards Are Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: award season! Each year around this time, we round up our list of suppliers and survey our employees to see which of them went above and beyond throughout the year. and honor them by including them in the Quality Logo Products Supplier Awards! 

We work with a lot of vendors, so narrowing everyone down was no easy feat! It’s true that we only work with the best of the best, so it’s safe to say all of our vendors all awesome in their own way. However, we’d be lying if we said some of them didn’t exceed our expectations! This year, we selected our top 3 suppliers by gathering some feedback from our Sales team and rewarded them with a “Break Room in a Box” award! Packed with an Xbox One and plenty of games to last an entire lunch break, our winners are celebrating in style this year. Of course, we had to include our runners up in the post as well! Without further ado, these top vendors earned our recognition for 2017! Drumroll please… 


Quality Logo Products Supplier Awards 2018


#1: Jetline/Prime Line

Based in South Carolina, Jetline placed number one on our list of the top vendors for 2017! From saving the day with outstanding customer service to their willingness to answer any and all of our questions, Jetline definitely earned their top spot in our Supplier Awards! 

“This award shows that the Quality Logo Products family truly appreciates the work that the Prime Line team puts in to making sure their account is taken care of,” said Joe Dworkin, National Inside Account Manager at Jetline. “The Quality Logo Products sales team also does, on a daily basis, with how appreciative they are in their communication with me and this is another testament to that appreciation.” 

Since our goal of hosting these awards each year is to ensure the recipients feel valued, this means we must be doing something right! Joe has been with Jetline for over 11 years, and we’re honored to have been able to work with such an outstanding team throughout the year. 

#2: Hit Promotional Products

It was clear from the very beginning just how dedicated Hit is to each and every customer. It isn’t easy to dedicate as much time to client happiness as Hit does, but they hit the mark every single time.  As a repeated winner of the Quality Logo Products Supplier Awards, Hit always follows through with dedication to our customers.  

“The award evokes more of a feeling for me, a feeling of appreciation,” said Joelle Puderbaugh, Key Account Specialist at Hit. “Knowing that the hard work, communication, and collaboration throughout the year on both sides is appreciated.”

Since Hit was a lucky winner of our Breakroom in a Box, their team is looking forward to setting up a game section in their breakroom for all employees to enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

#3: Numo

Based in Texas, Numo is comprised of customer service rockstars! Placing third in our 2018 Supplier Awards is no easy feat, but it was a no-brainer this year due to Numo’s relentless dedication to the industry’s success.

You can see just how excited Heather Gaines was to open up Numo’s “break room in a box” in the pictures below! As Quality Logo Products’ Account Manager, this award really meant a lot to her.  Numo has done a lot of work for Quality Logo Products, and they make coming to work every day that much more enjoyable. 

“Receiving this awesome award helps to ensure that we must be doing something right, which is great because I never want to disappoint,” said Heather Gaines, Account Manager at Numo. “I really appreciate the fact that the Quality Logo Products team is a group of easy to work with, laid back, funny people who don’t sweat the small stuff!” 

Each day, we work with suppliers who make ordering promotional products a breeze. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the amazing partnerships we’ve made throughout the years. Their never-ending support has been instrumental for the success of Quality Logo Products, and our customers wouldn’t be near as happy if it weren’t for the outstanding service of these top suppliers. We are so grateful to be among such amazing company and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year! 

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