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Free Pantone Color Match

Find Your Logo PMS Color Code

Pantone is a color matching system that's been around since 1963. Do you want to find your logo's PMS colors? Then this free tool is made for you! Use it any time you're printing on marketing materials, whether it's branded t-shirts, mailers, or giant billboards over the highway.

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How to Find PMS
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You can easily find your logo PMS color. If uploading a file above didn't work for you, try browsing by different PMS colors below.

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    *Disclaimer: Please remember that every computer monitor will display/render colors differently. This means a PMS color may look slightly different when you see it in person.

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    What is a PMS Color Code?

    A PMS code comes from the Pantone system of color matching. Each shade is given a numeric value, ensuring accuracy and consistency when the color is used in printing.

    How Do I Find the Closest Pantone Match?

    If you don't have a logo, you can still use PMS colors for your next project. Take a look at the color suggestions below!

    Popular Red Pantone Colors

    Do you need a good color for Valentine's Day cards? How about a nice crimson that you can use on party invitations? You're sure to fall in love with these red Pantone colors!

    PMS 1805C

    PMS 179C

    Red (Warm Red C)

    Best Pink Pantone Colors

    Spas, beauty stores, and cosmetic companies can use pink pantone colors. This pretty palette will look incredible on product packaging or even as the paint color in your shop.

    PMS 495C

    PMS 1775C

    PMS 812C

    Bright Yellow Pantone Colors

    It's a bright and sunny day! Get everyone smiling with any of these yellow Pantone colors. These shades are excellent for events in the spring like Easter parades or garden parties.

    PMS 100C

    PMS 106C

    PMS 102C

    Top Orange Pantone Colors

    Orange you glad you have PMS codes! Use any of these orange Pantone colors for autumn leaves, fruit for a farmer's market, or jack o' lanterns for Halloween. Burnt orange is also very popular for weddings!

    PMS 1375C

    PMS 145C

    PMS 151C

    Trendy Purple Pantone Colors

    You'll look like royalty if you use purple Pantone colors for your next project. These hues are great for awareness ribbons, fashion shows, and Prince tribute concerts!

    PMS 256C

    PMS 5265C

    PMS 2425C

    Classic Blue Pantone Colors

    An estimated 33% of the top brands in the world use blue in their logo colors. Find your match from any of these blue Pantone colors. These shades are also great for baby showers and outdoor events like picnics and cookouts.

    PMS 2727C

    PMS 2707C

    PMS 282C

    Fashionable Green Pantone Colors

    Do you have a nonprofit focused on eco-friendly efforts? Maybe you're a financial advisor or landscaping company. No matter what, you'll love these green Pantone colors!

    PMS 3298C

    PMS 3405C

    PMS 352C

    Rich Black Pantone Colors

    Black is the new black! Create an air of sophistication and poise by using any of these black Pantone colors. You can combine these PMS codes with a brighter shade, or use them on their own.

    PMS 419C

    PMS 426C


    Shiny Gold Pantone Colors

    Bring the glitz and glamour with gold Pantone colors! These metallic shades are dazzling for events like award ceremonies, school dances, and anniversary parties.

    PMS 103C

    PMS 104C

    PMS 112C

    Metallic Silver Pantone Colors

    Silver is a magnetic and alluring color. If you need a color scheme for your casino or something special for a graduation ceremony, you can't go wrong with any of these silver Pantone colors.

    PMS 422C

    PMS 421C

    PMS 401C

    Simple Neutral Pantone Colors

    Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Take a look here if you need a white Pantone code, or a neutral beige or brown hue. Classic colors like these will never go out of style!


    PMS 4535C

    PMS 1615C

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