Office Life

How Long Does Microfiber Last?

On February 25th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Your microfiber cloths will unfortunately not last forever, whether you use them every day or only once a month. The thin delicate fibers can become worn with use over time causing the cloth to become less effective. Fortunately, there are several ways you can increase...


12 Color Schemes from Famous Cartoons

On February 24th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Animated cartoons have been around since the early 1900s! Since then, cartoons have become a part of everyday life for people of all ages. Cartoons are so popular because they are funny, adventurous, and fun to watch. The most famous cartoons have distinct color palettes...

Office Life

Top 3 Indoor Team Building Activities to Motivate Employees

On February 14th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Finding fun and engaging indoor team building games for employees isn’t always easy. There are tons of motivational activities you can do, but not all of them are suitable for the workplace. Thankfully, your search has come to an end. Motivated employees work harder because...

Industry Insight

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Using Pantone Colors for Printing

On February 11th 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

For those who aren’t familiar, Pantone is a color matching system that’s been around since 1963. It’s had a large influence in the world of design, with the  “Color of the Year” in particular having a place in fashion, interior design, films, package design, and...

Industry Insight

21 Posts about Using Promotional Products for Your Business

On February 7th 2020 By Gianna Petan

If you’re interested in learning more about why promotional products work, this one is for you! It doesn’t matter whether you run a volunteer organization or a corporate company, promotional products like stress balls, tote bags, or travel mugs can work for you. Any industry...


5 of the Weirdest (and Totally Real) Illinois Laws

On February 5th 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

People get in trouble for all kinds of crazy things – being loud in a movie theater, freely jaywalking in a busy city, or maybe loitering outside of a public building. There’s so much you’re not allowed to do! Now all you rabble-rousers have another...


What is the History of Golf? A Brief Journey on the Green

On February 4th 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

Golf has been played for over 500 years all over the world. Any avid player, whether they’re a pro or a beginner, should know where the game started and what’s in store for the future. Where was golf invented? Who are the most notable players?...

Marketing & Branding

What Are Optical Illusions and How Can They Be Used in Advertising?

On January 31st 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

Do you ever stop and stare at an optical illusion? Museums have them in their halls, psychology classes use them to talk about the brain, and your hippie friend from college has posters of them all over his apartment. It’s possible, though, that you never...

Marketing & Branding

5 Marketing Strategies You Can Learn from Tito’s Vodka

On January 30th 2020 By Gianna Petan

Tito’s Vodka has taken the adult beverage industry by storm in only two decades. If you’re not familiar, Tito’s is a brand known for their vodka that is handmade and gluten free. The company started in Austin, Texas and is now sold across the United...

Industry Insight

The Right Logo for Your Promo: GOKOOKOO - A Paranormal Locations Directory

On January 28th 2020 By Bridgette Wilhelmi

Have you ever wondered if there was intelligent life out there? Maybe it has crossed your mind that Bigfoot could be just a hairy man hiding in the woods, or that you would like to have a conversation with ghosts… just to see what they...

Marketing & Branding

11 Products You Need to Market Your Cannabis Dispensary

On January 27th 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

Marijuana has been legalized in 33 states - 11 have made it legal for both recreational and medical use and 22 have made it legal for strictly medical use. Basically green is the new black! And with that green, comes a whole crop of up-and-coming...

Marketing & Branding

7 Fast Food Chains with Weirdly Fun Branded Merch

On January 22nd 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

In this world of keto diets and smoothies, fast food chains are surviving by going absolutely bonkers with their branded merch. Everyone from KFC to McDonald’s is using this stuff to stay on people’s radars. You can find it all, from normal things like t-shirts...

Company News

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products® Team: James Ortiz

On January 20th 2020 By Gianna Petan

A new year means new faces at Quality Logo Products®! One of the newest faces around the office is James Ortiz. He has lived all over the U.S. in places like Houston and New York before settling here in Chicagoland. We couldn’t be happier he...

Industry Insight

How to Customize Your Notebooks

On January 20th 2020 By Alyssa Mertes

In high school, we’d use sharpies to doodle smiley faces or our crush’s initials on the front of our notebooks. Now as adults we want that same DIY vibe, but for it all to look a bit more sophisticated. That’s the beauty of custom notebooks!...

Office Life

5 Steps to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Cubicle

On January 16th 2020 By Gianna Petan

If you’re anything like me, you thrive on watching home improvement shows. Our living space is usually the first place we think of when it comes to decorating, but what about our workspace? After all, full-time employees spend an average of 90,000 hours at work...

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