4 Ways to Make Slime from Promotional Products

On September 12th 2019 By Gianna Petan

When you think about slime, you might think about the green stuff Nickelodeon used to dump on kids and celebrities on television. What you might not think about is the gooey DIY toy that has taken the internet by storm. The appeal of DIY slime...

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15 Awesome Songs with a Promotional Product in the Title

On September 11th 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

Music is always there when we need it. If you’re heartbroken, you sing along to “End of the Road” by Boys II Men. Feeling excited? It’s time for that 80’s pop playlist. There’s a song no matter what the situation…even if you’re doing something as...

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What Are the Different Types of Tape Measures?

On September 4th 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

It’s about time to roll up your sleeves and start your next project. You’ve got your hammer, screwdriver, and a snack for break time. Now all that’s left is figuring out which tape measure is best for the job at hand. What are the different...


The Anatomy of a Tape Measure

On September 4th 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

You use it all the time, but you probably don’t know much about how your tape measure is made. After all, you use it to make other things. Why would you bother learning the fine details? It’s time to give the tape measure its due!...

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Which Consumer Group Do You Belong To? - The Innovation Adoption Curve

On September 3rd 2019 By Gianna Petan

Do you consider yourself a trend-setter, or do you tend to go with the flow? When new technologies or trends are introduced, sometimes we can be hesitant, and other times we are jumping right on the bandwagon. Believe it or not, there is a scientific...

Company News

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Elise Lucarelli

On August 30th 2019 By Gianna Petan

Every day at Quality Logo Products® is great, but our favorite days are when we get to welcome a new member to our team. We consider ourselves to be like one big family, and when there’s a new arrival to the office we love getting...


Ticketmaster Dynamic Pricing: How It Works for You and Against You

On August 29th 2019 By Gianna Petan

Whether you’re an avid concert goer or enjoy the occasional sports game or comedy show, you know that these events certainly don’t come cheap. You’re not alone if you’ve ever refreshed your browser countless times and drained your savings account to score a pair of...

Promo History

A Brief History of Measuring Systems and Tools

On August 22nd 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

Measurements are part of our everyday lives. We use them to bake cookies, pass a math test, and figure out the exact dimensions of our kitchen counter. It only makes sense then to know the story behind all those feet, meters, and pounds! Where did...

Marketing & Branding

The Sweet Truth on How Chocolate Can Help Market Your Company

On August 22nd 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

It’s not really that easy running a business. You have so much to think about, and to top it all, not everyone makes it out there. Here’s one thing you can always count on though:  People love chocolate. If you’re not a bakery or sweet...


How to Fix Your Broken Tape Measure

On August 21st 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

A tape measure comes in handy for new projects, quick fixer uppers, and maybe your next math test. But what if yours is busted? Talk about a frustrating way to kick off a job! Luckily, it’s super easy to fix that broken tape measure. You...

Office Life

The Benefits of Having Hand Sanitizer at the Office

On August 20th 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

Your co-workers are all covered with germs. It’s not mean, it’s just the simple truth of the matter. The typical office is a cesspool for all kinds of harmful bacteria and that’s why it’s smart to keep hand sanitizer around at all times! Does sanitizer...

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10 Common Promotional Products Made More Interesting

On August 20th 2019 By Gianna Petan

Let’s face it, sometimes promotional products can be flat out boring. You don’t want to spend your marketing budget on promos that just won’t stand out to your current clients or prospective customers. The 2019 ASI Show® Chicago show provided awesome insight into the industry’s...

Industry Insight

The Right Logo for Your Promo: Tail to Trail

On August 19th 2019 By Bridgette Wilhelmi

Do you feel like your company’s logo is barking up the wrong tree? Do you have some great new ideas for your logo but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you sniff out the mysteries of logo design and get your customers’...


Where Should You Always Bring Hand Sanitizer?

On August 16th 2019 By Alyssa Mertes

Bacteria is the stuff of nightmares. It lurks in every corner of the world and creeps up on you when you least expect it. In moments like these, a good sanitizer is your best defense! Where should you always bring your sanitizer? Which one’s the...

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