As cool as it would be to be Jimmy Fallon or to have a seat on The View, it’s just not possible at this time. Instead, we will get our interview fix by speaking with Henry Cocillion, the newest sales assistant at Quality Logo Products®!

Meet Henry – a video game lover who watches a lot of movies, listens to a lot of music, and takes a lot of pictures. Henry’s coming to you with a background in management and is ready to rock on every order of promotional items.

Let’s learn a little more about Henry!

Role at Quality Logo Products: Sales Assistant

Educational Background:

I got my Bachelor of Arts in both Graphic Design and Communication from Aurora University.

Professional Background:

Post-graduation, I mainly worked in retail. The last two positions I held prior to coming here were management positions at Wal-Mart and Five Below. Aside from that, I occasionally do some freelance photography and video work.

What are your 3 favorite movies of all time?

Choosing just 3 is incredibly difficult, haha, so I’ll choose 3 of my favorites from 3 different directors I love: Prisoners (2013) from Denis Villeneuve [though Blade Runner 2049 (2017) is a very close second], Interstellar (2014) from Christopher Nolan, and Hereditary (2018) from Ari Aster.

If you could be a dinosaur or a giant sea creature for a day, which would you choose and why?

I think I would choose to be a Pterodactyl because I could fly and explore the world of the Jurassic era from a safe distance.

What do you look forward to most about the summer?

The warm weather, longer days, and just being able to be outside without worrying about layering up.

Describe a funny memory you have from when you were younger.

I once tripped on a short bench while talking to my high school crush’s mom. She just laughed and kept on walking.

Have you ever been to a live concert? If so, which one is your favorite and why was it so awesome?

Yes! I love live music (and just music in general). I would say either when I saw Hellogoodbye last fall or Perfume Genius at the show I went to earlier this year. They were both so energetic and utilized the spaces well.

They’re naming a cocktail after you. What is it called and what ingredients are inside?

The Co-Silly-Lion and it would be some kind of special mule (Moscow Mules are my go-to drink), hehe.

Name 3 of your hobbies.

I love watching films, gaming, and practicing photography!

What is your dream vacation?

Either a trip that takes me from Greece to Italy to France and then to Spain, or a 6-month-long staycation, haha.

Hopefully Henry doesn’t turn into a pterodactyl any time soon because we want him to stay onboard our sales team! We do hope, though, that he can eventually go on that dream vacation to Greece, Italy, and France. The more sales, the better his odds!

Are you ready to start an order of promotional items? Reach out today, and be sure to ask for Henry!

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