If you tune into WCGO 1590 AM on a Saturday morning, chances are you’re going to hear a whole lot of laughter, a healthy amount of compassion, and a dash of practical advice. This is a typical day for Mighty House Home Improvement Show, a local radio show that empowers homeowners with the knowledge they need to complete home projects themselves. After all, who actually enjoys paying a contractor hundreds of dollars for something they could have accomplished with a bit of elbow grease?

Though host Ron Cowgill is a certified independent contractor, he sees the value of sharing his knowledge on the average homeowner, even if it means they avoid hiring a professional. For him, educating people on how to finish a home improvement project properly is the perfect mixture of business and pleasure. That’s why he partnered up with Rich Cowgill (no relation!) and colleague Robbie Ehrhardt to create a show that is both educational and fun.

Quality Logo Products® is proud to support Mighty House Home Improvement Show through Give Your Brand a Hand, our monthly initiative where we choose one lucky small business or non-profit organization to receive $500 worth of free promotional products. Ron heard about the giveaway on WGN Radio last month and knew it was the perfect opportunity to spread the word about Mighty House!

More Bang for Your Buck

Whether it’s a foundation leak or a roof repair, the average homeowner is bound to experience some sort of issue throughout the years. It isn’t uncommon for home repairs to cost an arm and a leg in hourly fees, and homeowners are spending even more money on these repairs than usual. In fact, HomeAdvisor reports that the average homeowner has spent nearly 60% more on home projects over the past year than in the year prior! Ron’s goal for Mighty House Home Improvement Show is to reduce these unnecessary costs and spread the message that the average person is capable of fixing basic repairs themselves.

“People call in and they’ve got these huge issues, thinking it’s a major problem. We can talk them through it right on the phone!”
-Ron Cowgill

Whether he’s coaching a first-time homebuyer on how to fix their leaky roof or teaching someone the best way to repair their sump pump, Ron truly believes in the idea of empowering others with the information they need to be self-reliant.

A Match Made in Heaven

Though they share the same last name, Ron and Rich are not related! The duo met at a Remodelers Association meeting, and it was clear they shared the same industry passion. They decided to partner up and create a show where they could talk about something they love while simultaneously helping others. They both have so much experience in the home improvement world that it’s easy for them to fall into a routine of explaining solutions in a way that only other contractors would understand. That’s where Robbie comes in!

Known as the “sister” of the group, Robbie’s goal is to make sure the duo is explaining solutions in a way that the average person would understand. This comes easy to her as she doesn’t have the same contracting experience as Ron and Rich. In fact, they met her at Comcast when their home remodeling company was looking to learn more about running television commercials. It was clear Robbie had the personality the show needed, and they immediately thought of her when they had a need for a guest host fill-in. She clicked with both the listeners and the hosts of the show, and despite her lack of remodeling experience, they invited her to be a permanent part of the team.

“Robbie is the one who will tell us, ‘No, that STILL doesn’t make sense. What do you mean?’”
-Ron Cowgill

Robbie has a unique ability to bring construction talk down to a homeowner level so the average homeowner would understand. Even if a listener doesn’t have a current project in mind, listening to the show will still help protect them from getting scammed in the future. When Robbie helps break down some of that technical jargon, listeners are able to squirrel that information away and use it when they inevitably have a home improvement need later down the road.

Broadcasting Into the Future

Perhaps the demographic with the least experience in home repairs is young homeowners. In fact, according to a study by Houzz & Home, first-time homebuyers spend spent $33,800 on renovations last year, a 22% increase from the year prior. To Ron, it’s clear that millennial homeowners are the ones who need the most help. He’s the first to know that in order to reach this audience, the station will have to brave uncharted territory.

Though the show is aired on the radio, Ron hopes to expand its footprint in the near future. Whether through YouTube or Facebook Live, the goal is to grow their audience and reach young homeowners who might not know the best way to tackle a simple home improvement project.

“We need to move to reach the younger generation. Those are the people who are starting to buy homes and are really looking for those answers.”
-Ron Cowgill

For a small radio show, marketing by word of mouth can only go so far. That’s why Ron knew how important it was for the station to enter the giveaway! Their new custom measuring tapes will help Ron spread the word about Mighty House Home Improvement Radio, reaching even more generations of potential listeners through the use of a tangible, functional item. Every time someone needs to see if their brand new couch will fit in their living room or check if a picture frame is level, they’ll be reminded of the show. He even plans to send some measuring tapes to other local radio stations so they stay top of mind!

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