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Lunch was everyone’s favorite subject in school. You’d sit down, dive into that PB&J, and show off your sweet lunch bag or box at the cafeteria table. That’s how it worked.

Now as a ripe adult, the cool factor of having an awesome lunch bag hasn’t really gone away. So, let’s make sure yours stands out with a few handy customizing tips and tricks!

Why Do You Need Custom Lunch Bags?

People have to eat, which is why custom lunch bags are such amazing gifts or giveaways. This is especially true if you’re part of any of the following:


Elementary schools can sell logoed lunch bags at book fairs and fundraiser events, while colleges can keep them stocked in their bookstore. Extra credit points for using your school colors!

Grocery Store

Run a promotion and offer a custom lunch bag as a free giveaway. For instance, the first 100 customers to spend $50 or more at your store get the lunch bag as a gift with purchase.

Farmer’s Market

Give your visitors a place to store all their fresh produce. An insulated lunch tote is easy to carry around and just as practical and useful as the typical tote bags you see at farmer’s markets.

Weight Loss Program

Your clients need a way to stay on track with their nutrition goals. A lunch bag as a sign-up gift gives them a way to bring a healthy lunch to work every day instead of ordering takeout.

Trade Show

Are you going to a food-themed trade show? Bring along custom lunch bags as little gifts for prospective clients. You’re sure to stand apart from the competition!

Company Picnic

Add your company logo to a bunch of stylish lunch bags and give them out to all your employees. Now they have a way to bring home extra fruit and sandwiches!


Do you need to raise money for your cause? Sell custom lunch totes at your event. You can find something stylish, charge a reasonable price, and get all kinds of funds coming in for your organization!

Holiday Gift Giving

It’s time to get going on that shopping list! A custom lunch bag is a lot more thoughtful than another boring gift card.

Any event or industry can benefit from custom lunch bags. People will be happy to receive something they can use over and over again, and if it looks good, that’s just the cherry on top.

Tips for Customizing Your Lunch Bag

Now that you’re ready to make lunch bags part of your event, the next step is adding a cool design to the front. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. 1. Choose an insulated material.
  2. 2. Try a new look.
  3. 3. Print in one color.
  4. 4. Pair your lunch bag with something extra.

Choose an Insulated Material

The whole point of a lunch bag is to keep food nice and chilly. Luckily, these materials are often filled with an insulated liner:


Neoprene lunch bags are popular, trendy, and above all, waterproof! These lunch bags are going to be a huge hit with any crowd.


Do you want a lunch bag that’s tough and rugged? Polypropylene is a durable material that can hold heavy foods like apples and ravioli cans.


Kids can get pretty messy. Nylon lunch bags are easy to wash, which makes them a great choice for elementary schools or kid-friendly events.


Think about giving these bags out as holiday gifts for your employees! Polyester is nice and stretchy, which is a must when it comes to cramming leftovers into your lunch bag.


If you need lunch bags for an epic hiking trip, canvas should be your new best friend. This material is strong, water-resistant, and won’t tear easily.


Polyurethane is the same stuff used in stress balls, which means it’s squishy and flexible. It’s a relatively affordable material, so think about this option if you’re on a budget.

The most important thing to remember is that you want your lunch bags to be insulated! This is what will ultimately be the most useful for anyone receiving one.

Try a New Look

Just because your lunch bag should be insulated, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! You have a few ways to spruce it up; it just depends on whether style or function are more important to you.

A cool look or a useful design is all it takes to take your lunch bags to the next level. It’s how they go from being just a “meh” gift or giveaway to something people are actually excited to receive.


You can also customize a retro metal lunch box! They make great novelty items, especially for gift shops, bookstores, and video game conventions.

Print in One Color

After you pick out your lunch bag of choice, the next step is adding your design on the front. Your most cost-effective option is to stick with printing in just one color.

Here are some visually pleasing options!


Stick within the same color family. Light and dark colors pair well together and create a memorable look.

Classic Black or White

Print your design in either white or black ink, depending on the color of the lunch bag. As a good rule of thumb, dark colors should be printed with white ink and light colors should be printed with black ink.

Full Color

If you absolutely must print more than one color, look for a “full color” option. This is the more economical choice and will make your wallet the happiest.


Why Should You Customize Lunch Bags?

You should customize lunch bags because they are useful, stylish, and long-lasting. Not to mention, you are fortunate enough to have access to food every single day.


#HashtagLunchbag, a social movement with an online shop, believes in the power of custom lunch bags. The non-profit organization creates bagged lunches and decorates them with positive images and messages of love. These lunch bags are then shared with people in need all over the world.

Take this as just one example of how custom lunch bags can make a difference. With a little creativity, yours can really make an impression!

The Bottom Line

You’re always going to get a positive reaction by giving out custom lunch bags, whether it’s as a giveaway or a gift. After all, the key to anyone’s heart is right through their stomach!

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