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Joe Zarate

Welcome to the Quality Logo Products Team: Joe Zarate

We here at Quality Logo Products® believe every new team member deserves a Rocky style welcome to our team, complete with their own theme song. Of course, we can’t honor all our newbies with a smoke machine and flashing lights, but the least we can do is pay them tribute in their very own employee spotlight.

Meet Joe Zarate – a southpaw who enjoys hockey, martial arts, and learning about real estate. Joe attended the University of Wisconsin, graduating to pursue a career in finance. With his personable demeanor and live in-the-moment mentality, Joe is ready to show off his skills as a Sales Executive at Quality Logo Products®!

Learn a little bit more about Joe:

Name: Joe Zarate

Where are you from? Yorkville, Illinois

Position at Quality Logo Products: Sales Executive

Favorite thing about Quality Logo Products:

The people and the great atmosphere

What are your favorite things to do outside the office?

Ice/Roller Hockey, running, hiking, reading, watching MMA, learning about real estate, cooking, friends

What’s your favorite TV show/movie/book?

Game of Thrones/Training Day/The Power of Now

What’s a random fact about you?

Write left handed, do everything else right handed

What songs are you embarrassed to admit you have on your playlist? U&I- Galantis

Do you have any special talents?

Aspiring martial artist

Last question:  Would you rather eat an entire pizza or cake by yourself?


With his charming nature and funny stories, Joe fits right in with our always-friendly sales representatives. Our team is a mix of vibrant personalities who are just as comfortable talking about promos as they are talking about their hobbies and families. Joe is in good company, bringing his own brand of charisma to every customer interaction.

At Quality Logo Products®, you’ll never feel like you’re talking to a robot. From geeking out over movies and sports to talking candidly about their lives at home, our customer service team is rounded out by authentic people ready to help you with your promo order. Joe is another purely human member of our team, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board!

Alyssa Mertes

Alyssa loves food. A LOT. Particularly pizza and popcorn, but she knows beggars can’t be choosers. When she’s not stuffing her face (which is rare), she loves watching movies, playing volleyball and softball, and engaging in any number of interesting shenanigans. If she had to pick a spirit animal, she’d be an otter because they are playful and love to laugh. Most of the time she’s laughing at herself, whether other people are laughing with or at her is to be determined.


  1. Gregory Lewandowski

    Your company makes the world a better place and understands the true meaning to life and the definition of being successful and just a humbling inspiration that adds a ray of light to a world that sometimes seems to focus on money and forgets what life is truely about. you guys inspire me to become a better person and to continue following my dreams in building my company. I just hope someday I can follow in the footsteps of true leaders such as yourselves and have have a company that cares about people and understands without that we would have nothing. Thank you and I wish Joe and Alyssa the best of luck and your company makes the world a better place.

    • Alyssa Mertes

      Thanks so much, Gregory! We think you’re pretty awesome, too. Best wishes for the future of your company!

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