You’ve probably advertised with business cards, mailers, and maybe even coffee shop bulletin boards. While those can sometimes get the job done, there are more effective marketing techniques out there!

If you work for a doctor’s office, surgery center, or pharmacy, you’re missing out on one of the biggest advertising opportunities: hot and cold packs. Let’s take a deep dive on these hot marketing tools!

Who Can Advertise With Hot and Cold Packs?

While technically anyone can advertise with hot and cold packs, they’re best suited for healthcare, medical facilities, sports teams, and fitness centers. These are the industries who use or distribute hot and cold packs the most!

Sending your clients or patients home with a custom hot and cold pack will not only show them you care, but it will help them recover from muscle strains or soreness. Plus, they’re more likely to recommend you in the future because your branded pack will stay in their freezer for continued use.

Here’s who can advertise with hot and cold packs:

  • Oral surgeons
  • Physical therapists
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Sports leagues
  • Pharmacies
  • Fitness centers
  • Plastic surgeons

Oral Surgeons

Have you gotten your wisdom teeth pulled? If so, you were probably sent home with a custom ice pack to keep you comfortable. Not only are ice packs an important part of the healing process, but because they have the office’s logo on them, it keeps the surgery center top-of-mind.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists often use hot and cold therapy when working with their patients. If you work for a physical therapy office, there’s no better promotional giveaway than an ice pack! Patients will use them as part of their rehabilitation and hang on to them for years to come.

Doctor’s Office

Doctors treat patients for all kinds of ailments: sprained ankles, broken bones, and more. You’ll want your patients to continue to choose you for their health care needs in the future, so hand out custom hot and cold packs to make sure they remember your office!

Sports Leagues

Sports teams know firsthand how many injuries can happen while playing a game. Even the professionals get injured every now and again! Coaches should stock up on custom hot and cold packs so they have them on-hand in case of moments like this. You can encourage players to keep the packs, and they’ll be proud to hang onto them since they’ll have your team’s name on them!


Not all medications can be kept at room temperature. Some need to be stored in the refrigerator so they don’t go rancid! For those sensitive prescriptions, place a custom ice pack in the bag with the medication. Chances are they’ll continue to use the pack, and they’ll see your brand each time they reach for it!

Fitness Centers

Yoga studios, gyms, and dance studios are all businesses who should invest in custom hot and cold packs. You can either offer them any time someone is a little sore, or hand them out when someone signs up for a membership. Tokens of appreciation go a long way, and you’d be surprised how valued this will make your clients feel!

Plastic Surgeons

More often than not, plastic surgeons will send their patients home with an ice pack to aide in their recovery. The packs help reduce swelling and provide extra comfort! Opting for a custom ice pack is a decision that will pay off in the long run, because patients will be more likely to recommend your office to others.

How Can Hot and Cold Packs Be Customized?

Hot and cold packs can be customized through two different imprinting processes, depending on the material and the manufacturer. Those methods are:

  • Pad Printing
  • Screen Printing

Pad printing

Pad printing is basically a big rubber stamp that is pressed onto an item for customization. The stamp varies in size, depending on how large the product is. Hot and cold packs are usually imprinted with a small or medium sized pad print!

Screen printing

Screen printing involves forcing green goo, called emulsion, through a screen that is customized with your design. The screen is placed on top of your hot or cold pack, and the result is a personalized pack that you can hand out to clients or colleagues.

Tips for Customizing Your Hot and Cold Packs

If you’re investing in custom hot and cold packs, you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing the right design. The last thing you want is for your clients to not be able to read your company name or see your logo. There are a couple suggestions you’ll want to follow to make sure yours is in tip-top shape!

Here are some tips for customizing your hot and cold packs:

  • Less is more
  • Use one color
  • Choose a fun shape
  • Be clever

Less is More

When you’re coming up with a design for your ice packs, take the simple route. It’s tempting to put all your favorite intricate graphics on there, but that can make the ink bleed together so your design is hard to see. Your best bet is choosing a simple design and pair it with your company name or slogan!

Use One Color

If your logo has a lot of colors, you should convert it to one solid color for your hot or cold pack. This will make your design look extra clean! There are also some manufacturers who might require a single-color design as well. Not to mention, it can sometimes cost extra to print more than one color for certain styles of hot and cold packs.

Choose a Fun Shape

Not all ice packs are round or rectangular! You can choose a shape that is relevant to what you do. For example, if you work for a dental office, try handing out tooth-shaped ice packs. Not only are they related to your work, but they’ll also put a smile on your clients’ faces. You can even go the seasonal route and choose a sun-shaped ice pack for the summertime, or a heart for Valentine’s Day.

Be Clever

While there’s nothing wrong with simply putting your logo on your hot or cold pack, try coming up with a pun, play on words, or interesting design. People love a little humor, and when you surprise them with something that makes them smile, they’re more likely to hang on to it!

Why Should You Advertise With Hot and Cold Packs?

You should advertise with hot and cold packs because they are useful, last for years, and keep your brand front-and-center. There’s nothing more effective than tailoring your marketing approach so it’s specific to your customers and industry. When you provide your clients with something that’s valuable and relevant, there’s no doubt they’re going to remember you!

The Bottom Line

Advertising with hot and cold packs isn’t rocket science. It’s all a combination of color choices, simple designs, and going with something fun. If you choose the right design and color techniques, you’ll be set for success!

About the author

Kelsey Skager

Kelsey is a master of promotional products with over five years of marketing and industry experience. She is proud to have been featured on ABC 7 Chicago News and NPR.