Hand sanitizers can be found everywhere. They sit on the booths at trade shows, decorate the tables at community events, and are even sometimes offered as wedding favors. No matter how they’re used, though, you want to be sure your bottles look their very best!

Do you need custom hand sanitizer for your event? Are you not sure where to start? Follow this handy guide to customizing your sanitizer!

Tips for Customizing Your Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to printing a design or text on hand sanitizer, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Your giveaways or favors will look awesome if you:

  1. Order ahead of time.
  2. Cater to your event or industry.
  3. Print your design in color.
  4. Keep the imprint simple.

Order Ahead of Time

Get the ball rolling on your order way in advance! The main reason is the sanitizer bottles can’t be shipped by air mail since they contain hazardous materials. In fact, there’s a risk they may explode while in the sky!

Instead, your hand sanitizers will be delivered via truck in bulk-packaging. This protects them from leaking or opening during transportation, but it also extends the shipping time for your order. Keep that in mind and place your order well before your event!

Cater to Your Event or Industry

You want a sanitizer that will actually get used by the people receiving a bottle. With that in mind, go for something that best complements your event or business.

Here are some suggestions:


Look for a sanitizer with a higher amount of alcohol content. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend at least 60% in order to fight bacteria.


A sanitizer attached to a keychain or a carabiner is a good choice as it can clip right onto any student’s bag or backpack.


Go for a scented option, whether it’s lavender, peach, or green apple. The nice aroma will make your clients think of paradise!


Your customers don’t have to worry about any residual goo with a spray sanitizer. A quick spritz and they can dig right into their delicious meal!


Gym buffs need an easy way to wipe the machines after they break a sweat. A custom container of sanitizer wipes is the perfect solution!


Getting married? Look for sanitizers with a fresh citrus scent and little beads. They have all the look of a Bath & Body Works gift and are perfect to use after you’ve hugged random people during cocktail hour!

There’s a sanitizer that works best for any event or situation. Decide on the best one for your needs and then get to the fun part – decorating!

Print Your Design in Color

There are many ways to add a design to a bottle of sanitizer, but one of the most popular is full color printing. You can get as many colors as you want without any extra charges!

If you go this route, your imprint will go on a stick-on decal that fits right on the bottle. Since most sanitizers are clear, this is a great way to ensure your design really pops!

Keep it Simple

Less is more when you’re printing on hand sanitizer. The bottles are smaller than other promotional items like tote bags or t-shirts, so it’s best to add only two of the following to your final design:

  • Name
  • Logo or small image
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Hand Sanitizers in Action

A tiny bottle of hand sanitizer can make a huge difference, whether it’s customized or just bought at a store. That’s what makes it so incredible for a variety of occasions!

Take for instance the Cleveland Browns who supported the “Get 2 School” attendance campaign with a donation of mini sanitizer bottles for the kids at East Clark Elementary School.

Image Source: https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/photos/photos-browns-give-back-and-gojo-the-makers-of-purell-hand-sanitizer-promote-goo

The idea behind this giveaway was to encourage good hygiene in order to miss less days of school. Each kid was ecstatic to receive their own sanitizer from the football team’s cuddly mascot, Chomps.

Take inspiration from the Cleveland Browns and score big with hand sanitizer giveaways. They’re not only a great way to advertise, but they also make awesome charitable donations!

This video shows you how hand sanitizer is made!

Why Should You Customize Hand Sanitizer?

The world is a really germy place! Bacteria is everywhere – on your morning cup of coffee, the pillow you sleep on at night, and even in the air you breathe. People use hand sanitizer all the time, which means a ton of exposure for your brand. It’s time to make the world a little bit cleaner by offering custom sanitizers at your next event!

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The Bottom Line

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to print something cool on bottles of hand sanitizer. It just takes a few tips and tricks, and the best promotional products company, and you’ll end up with a true work of art!

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