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Bring Your Brand to Heroic Heights with Our New Website!

You’ve been upgraded to the first class of the promo buying experience, free of charge, thanks to our innovative new website! Fasten your seatbelts for this fully immersive landmark achievement, guaranteed to transform the way you promote your brand. With our relaunch, we’ve incorporated numerous features never-before-seen within the promotional products industry. For over three years, we’ve invested our energy and emotional well-being in ensuring the best possible branding process from start to finish. The goal—make your ordering experience as simple and pain-free as possible!

Placing an order is so ridiculously easy on our new website that you can do it with only one hand! Our improved order form is fully responsive, so no matter what screen you’re viewing, we promise “one hand friendly” ordering is always possible—leaving your other hand free to change the channel, pet your dog, or build an outstanding card house.

So what’s new and why is it better?

Reach New Branding Heights with Our Innovative Tools

Many first class experiences are highlighted by special treatment and luxury commodities, and we’d like to think we’re no exception! While we don’t necessarily offer heated blankets and a personal masseuse, we do offer innovative tools guaranteed to make you feel comfortable with placing an order. Our updated website features our patented pricing tool, No Surprise Pricing, which allows users to immediately view their total delivered price on screen, down to the last penny. You’ll be able to shop with confidence and never go over budget again! This is an industry exclusive that takes the surprise work out of shopping for promotional products.

But what good is a pricing tool if you’re spending hours scrolling through the website, trying to find the best promotional product for your brand? No worries, our custom search bars allow you to navigate our wide selection of products with ease. You’ll be able to find exactly what you need in record time by customizing your search to a specific color, price range, delivery date, and more! We also provide 360 photos, giving customers a view of each product from three separate angles—a Quality Logo Products® exclusive! You’ll never have to wonder where your logo will look best, or risk placing any artwork in the wrong location.

To top it all off, once you place an order you’re automatically part of our Setup for Life program! We know you’re not made of money, and you have a business to budget—you’ve got enough to think about without extra fees. As part of Setup for Life, you’re guaranteed no setup fees when you get the same promotional products with the same artwork you purchased during your initial order. The perks of this exclusive program include: free setup, accurate reprints for your logo, and even faster turnaround time!

First Class Upgrades for No Additional Cost

Journey through our website and see the fabulous sights we have to offer. Our website features a multitude of resources to give you the first class experience in promotional branding. Through Promo University, you’ll have access to valuable industry insight and frequently asked questions, such as how pens are made and the environmental impact of promotional products. If that’s not enough, you can enhance your personal business logo with the services provided by our exclusive Small Business Suite, your free one-stop shop for building your brand. Users have access to the finest of things including:

Free Vector Clipart

Free Vector Clipart— Hand-curated by our talented design team, this full selection of vectored Clipart provides instant access to a number of images, suitable to any business or organization. Looking for new imagery to complement your logo? From animals and instruments to clothing and food, we have a wide selection of unique images to choose from! Not to mention, if you don’t find what you’re looking for send us a request, and we’ll have it made for you, free of charge!

Free Font Library

Font Library—See exactly how your text looks across hundreds of fonts when you use our exclusive font library! Our onsite tool allows users to sort fonts by name, popularity, or alphabetically for the most optimal search results. Simply enter your slogan, tagline, love note, etc. in our font preview box to view your text options. Our font library also allows users to filter their search and adjust the size of your font, right on screen!

PMS Color Picker

PMS Color Picker—Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colors are used to guarantee an exact color match across varying items, materials, and decoration methods. Simply upload a file containing your artwork, and we’ll provide you with a list of PMS colors that best match your logo! Don’t have artwork to upload? You can also hand pick your favorite colors on screen, and we’ll hook you up with the best color match.

Embroidery Color Picker

Embroidery Color Picker—Our exclusive embroidery tool allows users to upload their design for instant access to a list of the most recommended colors. If you don’t have a logo to upload, or are looking for a certain color, you can customize your search to find a multitude of shades in your chosen colors. So if you choose red, you’ll get every gradient from a rosy hue to a deep shade of burgundy. We have over 8,000 choices to choose from!

Our new website was created with the user in mind. We want your experience with Quality Logo Products® to be nothing short of breath-taking. You deserve it! From innovative new tools such as “No Surprise Pricing” to valuable industry insight offered through our very own Promo University, you’ll find everything you need to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a promotional giveaway for your business. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to first class and start building your brand today!