It’s the time of the season again, where Quality Logo Products® celebrates the vendors we enjoyed working with most over the past year! Our team knows producing quality orders on time isn’t always a simple task. Since we work with several suppliers to help make incredible product orders happen, we’ve decided to recognize our top partners for the third year in a row. And for the first time ever, our team will send out 3D printed, hand painted trophies to each of our winners!

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Here’s how it works: Our team votes internally for the supplier we enjoyed partnering with to make the branding magic happen! We ranked each supplier on factors like product selection, customer service…the whole nine yards. Well, the results are finally in! So without further ado, here are the top ten suppliers in the 2019 Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards!


#1, Prime Line/Jetline

At Quality Logo Products®, we aim to work alongside suppliers who go above and beyond both professionally, and personally. This year, our team agreed that Prime Line/Jetline Promotional Products most encapsulated our core values through their continuous impressive service! Our Prime Line/Jetline reps have been with us since the beginning, and haven’t stopped growing alongside us from the ground up. For this reason, we’re pleased to present Prime Line/Jetline with the award for our number one product supplier!

Stephanie Bookbinder, Prime Line/Jetline Senior National Account Manager, has been working with Quality Logo Products® for 10 years. As a rep that’s constantly on a quest to conquer the industry, Stephanie’s dedication further reinforces how deserving Prime Line/Jetline is of their first-place position! Stephanie said she takes pride in the relationship our companies have with one another, pointing out how rare it is to have “grown together” for this extensive amount of time. Since Quality Logo Products® has been her account for over a decade, Stephanie appreciates her ability to correspond directly with the owners of our company, and our sales team!

Following their recent website re-launch, our sales team has never been happier to work with Jetline/Prime Line. They revel in the website’s new user-friendly functions and sleek design with every visit! In addition, our team feels Prime Line/Jetline has always made themselves available to “get things done right,” keeping us coming back to place orders. Prime Line/Jetline reps are effortless to work with, and are willing to accommodate any complicated situation that may arise. If our team could build a castle of promotional items just for you, we would! Thank you for your incredible work!

Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards: 1st Place Trophy

#2, Hit Promotional Products

If there’s one thing we value at Quality Logo Products®, it’s building a personal relationship with both our clients and vendors. While working with Hit, our sales team undoubtedly felt the promotional-product passion—which is why we’ve given Hit Promotional Products our second place trophy!

Hit’s Territory Manager Angie Kalaj can certainly attest to this belief when thinking back to experiences she’s had with Quality Logo Products®. Angie said she values working directly with our team on a more personal level, and “speaking candidly” with them in a relaxed fashion when discussing business. Her ability to closely interact with our Vendor Relations Department helps keep the communication smoothly flowing between both teams, influencing our partnership most effectively.

Within her work at Hit, Angie appreciates how these interactions are unique to the specific day or situation. We’d have to agree…it makes all socialization more engaging, and keeps the projects coming! Our sales team also enjoys communicating with Hit on a regular basis, and collectively agrees that they always provide excellent, consistent service. Thanks to Hit for being one of our greatest suppliers, and partners!

Second-Place-Trophy (1)
Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards: 2nd Place Trophy

#3, Gold Bond

Our partnership with Gold Bond began eight glorious years ago, and has brought a continuous positive business experience to our company from 2009, to today. Between their unwavering service and business style, it’s no surprise we’re presenting Gold Bond with our third place supplier award trophy!

Chase Thompson, the Senior VP at Gold Bond, felt honored to have placed into Quality Logo Product’s top three suppliers again, and looked forward to receiving another trophy. Since Gold Bond knows our team works with numerous vendors, Chase said he’s not taking his win lightly! Mitch Henderson, Gold Bond’s Executive VP & Co Owner agreed, adding that he appreciated his ability to work closely with our sales team.

Both men said they genuinely enjoy “putting together initiatives” with our sales team, discovering the most effective way to sell their products! Our sales team agreed, expressing how fiercely Gold Bond cares about every order they place. In addition, Gold Bond is extremely accessible in times of order crisis, always ready to assist our team in giving customers the greatest overall experience. And to top it all off? Their product inventory never seems to run out! Thanks for your great service and huge stock of valuable promos!

Third-Place-Trophy (1)
Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards: 3rd Place Trophy

We pride ourselves on celebrating every one of our business partners, including all who made it into our top ten suppliers. Our fourth through tenth place winners will also receive a trophy as a token of appreciation for their great work. Your partnership alongside Quality Logo Products® has helped us grow into the business we are today, and we can’t thank you enough! You make us shine among the brightest of stars—and hope you feel the same about us! Our team looks forward to doing business with our favorite reps for years to come, and are grateful for the companies that strengthen and satisfy our mission. Thanks again to all of our vendors!

4-10-Place-Trophy (3)
Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards: 4th-10th Place Trophy

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