When Cory Zimmermann wrote a song titled “This Time Tomorrow,” it was an outlet for him to express his whirlwind of emotions. His close friend, Dick Ticcioni, had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and the outcome seemed grim. Given only three months to live, Dick’s friends and family bonded over supporting him in his journey. That’s when Cory turned to music.

Nearly 17 years later, not only is Dick still alive, but This Time Tomorrow has grown into a full-fledged non-profit organization raising money for those suffering from cancer. Located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, the organization has been changing lives for well over a decade. All year long, the team surprises individuals fighting the disease with random acts of kindness to both show them some extra love and provide them with much-needed financial relief.

“Music sort of takes you to a different spot. You forget about everything else that’s going on at that time.”

-Deb Zindler, Board Member and Auction Leader

This Time Tomorrow Foundation is a cause we are honored to support through our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway. It’s easy to only think of promotional products as items that help market a doctor’s office or promote a law firm. However, these items have the power to spread the word about philanthropic initiatives that make the world a better place. By receiving $500 worth of promotional products, This Time Tomorrow Foundation will raise awareness about their goal to help cancer patients across the United States.

Getting Personal

In 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States. Over 600,000 of them will lose their fight against the disease. It goes without saying that the need for research is stronger than ever, but so is the need for compassion- the driving force behind This Time Tomorrow foundation.

According to Deb Zindler, board member and auction leader, the organization is about so much more than financial contribution. Recipients of the random acts are filled with a level of joy they haven’t experienced in months, or sometimes years. Knowing someone they love not only nominated them for the experience, but that the board member(s) traveled across the country to brighten their day is what really hits home and touches the hearts for those suffering from cancer and their families.

More often than not, cancer can leave a hole in the wallets of the millions of Americans who fight for their lives each year. For that reason, each recipient of a random act of kindness is given a $3,000 check. The money is raised by hosting fundraisers throughout the year and partnering with local businesses. Whether the gifted money is used to pay for a portion of their medical debt or to take a family vacation, the donation can be spent anywhere the recipient chooses.

One Random Act at a Time

After someone nominates a cancer patient for a Random Act of Kindness, the This Time Tomorrow Foundation board reviews their application. It isn’t an easy process, as they wish they could help every person who applies for their program. At the end of the day, they select the nominee(s) who show the most financial hardship. From there, they work with the nominator to ensure their recipient is completely surprised.

“It’s such an amazing experience to be able to have hope come into someone’s eyes again.”

-Deb Zindler

In Wisconsin, the This Time Tomorrow mission spread like wildfire. After multiple students at a local school were diagnosed with cancer, she witnessed firsthand how young children stepped up to nominate their classmates. It’s one thing to see family members nominate their loved ones for the giveaway, but when children step up to the plate and advocate for their schoolmates, it tugs at your heartstrings in a completely different way.

Spreading the Word

This Time Tomorrow Foundation

In our minds, there’s no better way to reward this organization than providing them with the tools they need to help spread their message. To spread the word about their initiative, This Time Tomorrow selected custom journals as their free promotional items. Their plan is to hand them out during their Storytellers Gala in November so attendees can brainstorm personal random acts of kindness and document them in their notebooks. Best of all, wherever their supporters go, they will carry the This Time Tomorrow logo and spread their message. For a donation-based organization that relies on word of mouth advertising, Deb anticipated this to be a valuable way to market their cause in an affordable way.

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