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What Are Frisbees Used For?: Sports, Competitions, and Fun! How to Customize Your Frisbees How Are Frisbees Made?

There are a ton of ways you can advertise your brand. What better way than with an item people love to use to get active? A custom frisbee is the perfect way to spread the word about your organization. From pet stores to recreation centers, frisbees can help your design take off!

Send your brand soaring to new heights with custom frisbees! You’ll learn everything about customizing the perfect frisbee, complete with design tips and tricks.

Who Can Advertise with Frisbees?

Anyone can advertise with frisbees! Whether it’s an animal shelter or a school gym class, there are countless ways your organization can use a frisbee. Here are some ideas:

Sports Leagues

Ultimate frisbee or disc golf clubs can put their team name on a frisbee to advertise their leagues. You can include tryout dates, websites, or mascots to spread the word about your sport.

Animal Shelters

Frisbees are great dog toys! They also make a cost-effective way to spread the word about your shelter, and keep dogs occupied while they await adoption.

Kid’s Camps

When kids go to camp, they need activities to try! Playing catch with a frisbee is the perfect activity because it is safe and easy to do. Your camp can also create contests for the furthest throw or longest catch.

Pet Stores

Pet store isn’t complete without toys! You can also use frisbees as a promotional item for customers who buy a certain brand of food or spend a certain amount at checkout.

Gym Class

School gym classes are the perfect place to use frisbees. Instructors can teach sports like ultimate or disc golf. Playing frisbee can also be a great outdoor activity during warmer months.

Veterinary Offices

Vet clinics can offer branded frisbees to clients as a way to help promote healthy activity for pets. High-energy dogs or dogs who need to increase daily exercise can benefit from playing fetch with a frisbee.


Customized frisbees can be used to encourage college students to be active or try something new. Consider selling branded frisbees in the bookstore for students to use in between classes in the quad.

Whether you work with animals or run an ultimate frisbee league, there are plenty of ways custom frisbees can be used to boost your brand!

Design Tips for Customizing a Frisbee

When you design your frisbee, there are certain things you should consider before handing them out to your customers. Follow these steps to ensure your frisbees look fantastic!

  1. Pick your frisbee color.
  2. Select your design color(s).
  3. Pair it with another item.

Pick Your Frisbee Color

Frisbees come in just about any color you can imagine. If you have a brand or team theme, match it to your frisbees! If you want to use frisbees to support a cause or charity, you can coordinate it with the color of your frisbee, like pink for breast cancer awareness.

Select Your Design Color

Picking the right color for your design is largely dependent on what color frisbee you choose. A general rule of thumb is to pick colors lighter or darker than your frisbee. Following this rule will help you make sure your design shows up prominently and is easily readable.

Pair it with Another Item

When you hand out your frisbees to customers, consider pairing with another item like sunglasses, sunscreen, or beach towels! Not only can this double the impact of your advertising, you’ll be giving out items people can use at the same time.

Once you follow each of these steps, you’ll be even closer to the perfect customized frisbees. They will be effective in advertising your business each time someone uses them!

What Can You Print on a Frisbee?

The short answer is there are lots of designs you can print on a frisbee! No matter what you decide, you’ll want your custom frisbees to look professional. Check out the following design ideas!


If your business or organization has a logo, you can print it on frisbees! Some frisbees have a large area for you to print on, so be sure to use the space wisely!

Additional Tip: Simple logos with one color will look best on any disc.


A slogan looks great on a frisbee! Shorter slogans work best because of the limited spacing. You can also use a larger font size with a short slogan to make it more visible.

Additional Tip: Try and stick with a 5-word maximum when using a slogan.

Contact Information

Easily display your information like a website or phone number on a frisbee. The next time someone plays a game of catch, they’ll know how to get in touch with you.

Additional Tip: Use only one form of contact information like a phone number or website otherwise the text may be too small to read.

Team Name

Spread the word about your team using custom frisbees! Even if your sport doesn’t use a frisbee, this is still a great way to advertise. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and even tennis teams can use frisbees for recruiting or to get more fans.

Additional Tip: Print tryout dates or your team’s social media handle on the frisbee for potential new players or fans.

School Name

Give students a way to get active by handing out frisbees with your school name on the front! Wherever they take the frisbee, your school’s name will be front and center.

Additional Tip: Welcome freshman or transfer students with school gear and include a custom frisbee with their graduation year printed on top.

Organization Title

The next time your organization hosts a fundraiser or monthly meeting, surprise guests with a frisbee featuring your name on the front.

Additional Tip: Coordinate the frisbee color and the color of your design with your organization!

Whatever you decide to add on your frisbee, chances are tons of people are going to see it! Frisbees make clever advertising items for any business or organization, so get creative!

How to Pick the Right Flying Disc

Frisbees aren’t one-size-fits-all items. There are different types of frisbees that are best for certain activities or locations. Take a look at the different types of flying discs so you can pick the right one for your needs!

Recreational Frisbee

A recreational frisbee is the perfect all-around flying disc. It is easy for anyone to throw, especially beginners or younger children. They are lightweight, made with plastic, and come in a variety of colors.

Best for:

  • Company picnics
  • School recesses
  • Recreation centers
  • Parks

Floating Frisbee

Anytime you’ll be playing toss near water, a floating frisbee will be ideal. Floating frisbees are made with buoyant foam material so they won’t sink and get lost. They are super soft and easy to catch midair. Some floating frisbees are also pet safe!

Best for:

  • Community pools
  • Beaches
  • Water parks
  • Lakes and rivers

Ring Frisbee

Ring frisbees are known for being the kind that can be thrown the furthest! People who enjoy frisbee and have a strong throw would love a ring frisbee to play with. Some can also be dog-safe depending on the material.

Best for:

  • Parks
  • Large indoor gyms
  • Fields
  • Picnics

Fold-Up Frisbee

A fold-up frisbee can collapse into a small pouch to take with you anywhere! They are made with nylon material, which makes them lightweight and less durable than other frisbees. You can even keep one at your desk for some downtime fun at the office!

Best for:

  • Travel
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Work

No matter which frisbee you choose, each type is fun to play with! You can play with a partner, a team, and in some cases, a four-legged companion!

How is a Frisbee Customized?

Once you determine what type of design you want on your custom frisbee, next is deciding how your text or image will be applied! Frisbees are typically imprinted using one of three methods: screen printing, engraving, or with a full color decal.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the more common methods of adding a design to a frisbee. If your design has one color, then screen printing is the best and most cost-effective option.


Engraving works great for frisbees being used for sports like ultimate frisbee or disc golf. A design can be etched into the frisbee without adding additional colors that can be distracting for players. You also won’t have to worry about wear and tear because the engraving will hold up to heavy use.

Full Color Decal

A full color decal is basically like a big sticker that is placed on the top of a frisbee. You should use a full color decal if your design is an image, or if it has multiple colors. This method is the most cost-effective way to print several different colors on your frisbee.

Regardless of which option you select, you’ll have a professional-looking result! Your brand will be ready for lift-off in no time.

The Bottom Line

Frisbees are universal fun, and universal advertising tools! By putting your design on a frisbee, you can easily spread awareness of your brand or organization. Consider the type of frisbee you want, and how you want your design to look before your vision takes flight!

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