Learn More About Tape Measures

Do you work for a construction company that’s building the next great skyscraper? Maybe you’re a realtor who wants to help your clients figure out the exact dimensions of their kitchen counters. It’s in moments like these that custom tape measures come in handy!

How do you ensure your tape measures look awesome? What are the best tips and tricks? Put your creative hat on and get ready to work!

Tips for Customizing Your Tape Measure

Did you decide to make custom tape measures part of your next event? Let’s make sure they look good! Here are the most valuable tips:

  1. 1. Stick with a screen print
  2. 2. Be mindful of color
  3. 3. Try printing on both sides
  4. 4. Look out for length
  5. 5. Add a classy finish

Be Mindful of Color

When it comes to screen printing, usually only one or two colors can be printed for free. The good news is that’s all you need! You can get a stylish tape measure no matter what, it just takes the right color combination.

Monochrome Color Combo

The light and dark blue pairing is an unexpected, but visually-pleasing look. You can try this with any light and dark color pairing, such as hot pink and pale pink or violet and lavender.

Black and White

Keep things neutral with a classic black and white color combination. This pairing is not only sophisticated, but it also makes your text or design really easy to see.

Safety Yellow

Are you working at a construction site or on a home improvement project? Yellow is a bright color that’s hard to miss!

There are many different tape measures out there to choose from, but no matter what, you want to find something that fits your branding.

Look Out for Length

Custom tape measures tend to be a bit shorter than something you’d get at a hardware store, but there are still many awesome choices for your next project!

Take a look at some popular tape measures from Quality Logo Products®. They can measure a distance as small as 3 feet and go all the way up to 25 feet.

Length may or may not be important to you, but overall it helps to know what to expect. You can always talk to your sales rep and get their opinion on which size is best!

Add a Classy Finish

Even if you don’t spend a lot of money, you still want your personalized tape measures to look extra sleek and sophisticated. Try any of these options!

Wood Pattern

A woodgrain tape measure is trendy, unique, and sends serious builder vibes. It’s an unexpected look that people are sure to love.


Are you a mechanic looking for giveaways? A touch of chrome makes for an extremely durable and stylish tape measure!

You don’t have to go with the same old tape measure you see in every toolbox. A unique pattern or imprint style will help yours stand out from the rest!

In case you want to celebrate, National Tape Measure Day is on July 14th!

Why Do You Need Custom Tape Measures?

Tape measures may not be as common as custom t-shirts or pens, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a popular item to customize. They can be especially great for:

Open Houses

Business cards and magnets are old news! You’ll be the most memorable realtor on the block if you offer unique tape measures at your next open house.

Construction Tade Shows

The booth next to you is going to be overflowing with cheap promotional items like stress balls and keychains. Stand apart with custom tape measures that your visitors can use time and time again.

College Events

Whether your university is introducing a construction major or announcing a new building on campus, logoed tape measures are a great addition to any event on campus.

Employee Gifts

A tape measure printed with your company’s logo or a quippy message makes a great gift. It shows you care about your employees and want to give them something useful.

Wedding Favors

Does the marrying couple work in carpentry or construction? Monogrammed tape measures could be an awesome gift for guests at the reception.

If you work in another industry, or have some other event around the corner, it’s still worth considering tape measure giveaways. The sky is the limit!

Why Should You Advertise with Tape Measures?

As it stands, 69% of people will pick up a promotional product if they think it’s useful. What’s more useful than a tape measure? You never have to worry about it sitting unused in a cabinet or drawer. Plus, it comes in handy time and time again, whether it’s hanging a perfectly straight picture or measuring your kids as they grow up.

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The Bottom Line

A tape measure may not have as much space as a billboard, and it might not be as obvious as a t-shirt, but it’s still an awesome way to advertise your company. Go the distance at your next trade show or event with these handy giveaways!

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