Any animal lover will tell you a pet is a valuable member of their home, and perhaps no critter has a place in our hearts quite as much as adorable cats. These feline friends are a bit of a mystery, walking around with a regal air befitting their lion ancestry. Some of them are playful and affectionate, while others are grumpy enough to become memes. No matter what, though, they are all deserving of a loving home. That’s a sentiment Kitties for Keeps Rescue, a non-profit in Lansing, Illinois, proudly stands behind and one we at Quality Logo Products® are happy to support through our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway.

A little background about Give Your Brand a Hand: We started giving away $500 in free promotional products back in 2015. The goal has always been to offer assistance to the non-profits and small businesses that need it most. If you make less than $1 million in annual revenue and have fewer than 50 employees, you are qualified to enter our giveaway. To date, we’ve assisted over 50 organizations, ranging from a military non-profit that offers veterans a free vacation to a doll-making workshop that brings art to domestic violence shelters. Every organization is unique and all deserve to spread the word about their services.

The Cat’s Meow

Kitties for Keeps Rescue is the next organization in our deserving lineup. The non-profit started after the founders at Strays in the Garden Rescue, Cindi, Michelle, and Debra, decided to downsize their work to focus on family and their own felines at home. However, they still wanted to dedicate their free time to care for the kitties who need it most. Between full time jobs and other responsibilities, they opened Kitties for Keeps Rescue just last year. With their guidance, stray cats of all ages are well fed, provided adequate vet care, and eventually, end up in loving homes.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping animals; it’s a rewarding experience.” – Debra Kozik, Director at Kitties for Keeps Rescue

All of this effort is worth the trouble to make sure the cats are nice and safe. Debra recalled an incident when a good Samaritan found a little kitty in the middle of a busy street. The kitten was lying on the road motionless, and the concerned person thought it might have been seriously injured. Kitties for Keeps Rescue took this kitten under their wing and provided adequate vet care. They had noticed that the cat received an electric shock that had caused her fur to slide off her back. After many medicated baths and visits to the vet, the kitten made a full recovery. She went on to be adopted by a loving family.

Purrfect for the Family

When you bring a cat into your home, you’re welcoming a new member into your family. Anybody interested in adopting from Kitties for Keeps fills out a preliminary questionnaire which is reviewed by the directors. The goal is to bring kitties into homes where they will be loved and treated with respect. After the application is reviewed, the adopter is notified within 24 hours whether or not they can bring home a new pet. This questionnaire can be filled out either online or at one of their many adoption events.

Boots was adopted by Sierra and her boyfriend in Oak Lawn.

At any given time, you can expect to find 10-15 cats up for adoption at Kitties for Keeps Rescue. By bringing one into your family, you can be as happy as these folks who adopted a lovable kitty from the organization.

Dale and Brennan were adopted in New Lenox by a mother and daughter.

A Pawsitive Impact

Quality Logo Products was happy to do our part in supporting Kitties for Keeps through a promotional products donation. The organization ordered custom tote bags featuring an adorable message, as well as pens they can use during adoption events.

These promos make all the difference in their mission to give all cats a good home. Every time a visitor carries groceries in that tote or uses that pen to write a love letter, they’re remembering their experience working with Kitties for Keeps Rescue. In turn, other people will see these items and ask about the organization.

Of course, running a non-profit organization isn’t all cute kitties and smiling faces. It takes a lot of hard work to dedicate time and attention to a worthwhile mission. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is in raising enough funds to cover all the typical business expenses, without making an actual profit. Depending on the organization, there could be electric bills, rent, and for Kitties for Keeps in particular, hundreds of dollars dedicated to cover vet care, food, and other adoption fees. At a modest, $120 per cat, every bit of your support helps this organization keep their tags wagging!

To make a donation, you can attend one of their many adoption events or send a check directly to:

Kitties for Keeps Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 973
Lansing, Illinois 60438

If you can’t make a monetary donation, Kitties for Keeps Rescue always appreciates your time. They need volunteers to help with adoption tables, fundraisers, transportation of cats, and other activities.

Before you go out and adopt a kitty of your own, be sure to sign up your organization for Give Your Brand a Hand. This giveaway is open to any small business or non-profit looking to spread the word! You can fill out the entry form directly at!

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