That 6 a.m. wake-up alarm always seems to creep up too soon! Most of us toil through our morning rituals in the same manner as the day before—with whatever strength we can muster. We fix ourselves a quick breakfast (hopefully a sufficient one) and prepare to greet the morning, sometimes with a smile, sometimes without. And for that much-needed boost of energy that we depend on just before we dash out the door and into rush-hour traffic, most of us turn to the same morning miracle-beverage: COFFEE.

We sure do love custom coffee mugs in America’s workplace, especially here at Quality Logo Products® (Seriously. You should see our email inboxes. They’re bursting with coffee pot updates.) Whether you’re a Starbucks loyalist, you run on Dunkin’, or you prefer a homemade brew, most of us can’t start our day until we have that first cup of joe.

But have you ever really thought about the cup you use for your coffee every morning? Sure, some of us may have a “favorite” coffee mug we use on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean it meets your each of your specific sip-to-survive needs. Well, have no fear. Here is a comprehensive list of every type of suitable custom coffee mug under the morning sun!

The Simple Custom Coffee Mug

We’ll start with the most common type of mug, the classic ceramic mugs. It’s not a surprise that ceramic mugs are what you’ll most likely find in people’s cabinets. They’re practical, inexpensive, and available in more colors and styles than one could count. These mugs are a great option if you’re someone who prefers to relax in the morning, take it slow, and read the paper (people still do that, right?) Traditionalists have depended on ceramic mugs for years, and for good reason! Most hold roughly 12 ounces of liquid and are ideal both in a home, and in an office setting.

Of course, some may still need a little more to get through their day! For the people who need a little more caffeinated pep in their step, we recommend the latte mug. These beauties feature a distinct bowl shape as opposed to the more cylindrical ceramic mugs, and look like something you might see in a coffee house or café! They offer a considerably larger capacity—up to 15 or even 20 ounces of liquid, making them ideal for folks who work from home or like to take long coffee breaks at the office!

The Eccentric Custom Coffee Mug

Ceramic mugs don’t have to be boring! Some of us just want our custom coffee cups to appear as interesting as our drinks do. For those who prefer their cups to reflect their coffee-crazy personality, using something a little more eccentric may be the way to go. No more sipping your triple venti half sweet non-fat caramel macchiato from a paper cup!

If you’ve been looking to shake things up in your morning routine, we have the mugs for you. Try designs like our tiki mugs, vertebrae mugs, garbage can mugs, and more!  Although they have about the same ounce capacity as regular ceramic mugs, you’re sure to gain complements from all who lay eyes on your unique goblet of caffeine!

The Traveling Custom Coffee Mug

While all of us would love to be able to sit down and slowly sip the morning away, most of us don’t have that luxury. We’re lucky we don’t burn our tongue while we gulp down coffee in time to get the kids to school and head to the office!

That’s where travel mugs come in handy. Also referred to as “tumblers,” travel mugs are essential when commuting happens to be part of your daily itinerary, and are also available in many diverse styles. In addition, our travel mugs are designed to fit most vehicle cup holders, so you can sip, place, and continue to drive hands-free! These mugs also come with the option of with-handle or without, so you can hold your cup of joe however you please.

Just like ceramic mugs, though, there are several different varieties to travel mugs. Your daily work schedule does play a role in which tumbler would work best for you. Let’s take a look at a few sub-categories for travel mugs:

Stainless Steel 

Commuters know it’s important to keep their coffee nice and hot (or cold—we know you year-long coffee lovers are out there) for as long as possible. For those who spend lots of time commuting to the office, stainless steel mugs are great way to make sure your cup stays the right temperature, so you can take your time drinking your morning brew.

Stainless steel mugs happen to be one of the more popular kinds of travel mugs. They’re stylish, affordable, and designed for fast and simple use. Not only are they attractive, they’re also extremely durable! Stainless steel mugs won’t crack when you place your coffee on the roof of your car and drive off, like a plastic tumbler would.

Most stainless mug types normally feature a plastic interior insulation covered by the stainless exterior. Other types feature the stainless steel as an insulator with an acrylic or plastic liner on the outside, allowing for more decorative design opportunities…so you can sport an image of your logo, and a cute graphic of a summersaulting elf or a gorgeous rainbow if you so choose!

Translucent Travel

If you’re on the move often, but still want a mug with more color than stainless steel, translucent travel mugs are your cup of coffee! Although they’re similar to stainless steel mugs in design and shape, translucent travel mugs allow for various color choices, creating a more striking, vibrant appearance.

Translucent mugs are typically available in an assortment of color schemes and are generally livelier in design. They normally feature a clear plastic or acrylic exterior surrounding an inner liner (often made from the same material but sometimes from stainless steel) for retaining heat over a longer drive or commute!

 The Environmental Custom Coffee Mug

Want to minimize waste by avoiding Styrofoam or plastic cups? Well, if you combine conventional coffee mugs with Starbucks-esque cup design, you’ll get just that—any paper cup you’d pay for at a local coffee shop, except they are 100% reusable. Or perhaps you’re super earthy, and are looking for a colorful cup made out from biodegradable material? We’ve got it!

They’re also eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and feature flexible silicone lids that can be removed and reapplied with ease. Plus, the lids usually come in a few different colors, so you get a little more personality in comparison to traditional paper coffee cups. So if you prefer a more familiar feel to your brew when you’re out and about, opting for one of these mugs is a safe bet!

The Unconventional Custom Coffee Mug

When you picture a coffee mug, you’ll usually conjure the mental image of a ceramic pit of caffeinated goodness, with a sleek handle attached at its side. Well, forget what you know java lovers…we’re here to alter the way you view mug designs forever, so hold on to your coffee beans!

When it comes to mug design, we carry several “unconventional” mugs for the most fearless, risk-taking coffee drinkers. We have mugs with not only two, but three handles, so you can grasp your coffee mug with both hands in a warm and affectionate embrace. You might also find our Himalayan tumbler best suits your needs. This tiny 10 ounce cup holds both hot and cold liquids, and comes in multiple lid colors!

With that said, conventional coffee drinkers tend to stick to porcelain or ceramic. Whether you’re out for brunch or staying in with a cup of tea, these are the most traditional mugs out there. While porcelain and ceramic may look similar, they have some key characteristics that set them apart. Take a look at the difference between the two!

Whether it’s your next morning commute or a slow-sipping Sunday morning, be sure you find a cup for each of your coffee-related needs. No matter what your “flavor” is, we’ve got the best-fit branded mug to help you consume your specialty drink in style!

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