This is a world that runs on coffee, so it’s no surprise that personalized mugs are popular gifts. Coffee mugs are also popular souvenirs for hotels, theme parks, zoos, museums, colleges, Bands even sell mugs as swag at their live shows!

Are you ordering custom coffee mugs? Be sure the text on front is easy to read! Here are the best fonts to use for printing on mugs.

1. Bebas

Bebas font on coffee mugs

Move over, Folgers! The best part of waking up is a cool font on your coffee cup! Bebas is one of the best since it’s big, bold, and easy to read. Use this font to print 1 to 3 words on the front of your mugs.

2. Impact

Impact font on coffee mugs

Impact is another bold font to use on custom coffee mugs. The dark letters show up clearly, making this a great font to use if you have certain words that you want emphasized in the print.

3. Samble Tracie

Samble Tracie font on custom mugs

You’ll feel like you’re at a retro 50s diner if you use Samble Tracie to customize your mugs. This flowy, cursive font is extremely fun, but also really fancy if you want to use mugs as wedding favors.

4. Clarendon

Clarendon font on coffee mugs

If you want the text to be really easy to read, then Clarendon should be your BFF. This font is characterized by big letters that are evenly spaced apart. You don’t have to worry about your message looking mushed together on the mugs.

5. Quicksand

Quicksand font on coffee mugs

Quick – add Quicksand to your list of fonts to use when printing! Quicksand is one of the most legible fonts thanks to the thin lines and large gaps between letters. Try this font if you want your custom mugs to look refined and professional.

6. Gotham

Gotham font on coffee mug

No, we’re not referring to Batman’s hometown. Gotham is a good font to use when printing on coffee mugs. Just like other legible fonts, it has a ton of space between each letter, making it easy to read.

7. Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk font on coffee mug

Do you want the text to take up the entire mug? Print your message using Lemon Milk! The letters are big and tightly pressed together, which means you can use every square inch of space.

8. Pattaya

Pattaya font on coffee mug

Cursive is tricky to use in printing since it’s often difficult to read. That’s the beauty of Pattaya. The letters flow together, but are still easy to read. Use this fancy font if you’re giving the mugs away at a wedding or banquet.

9. Bodoni

Bodoni font on coffee mug

Bodoni is a matter-of-fact font without any extra bells and whistles. You will be easily to quickly scan the text on the coffee mugs without having to strain your eyes.

10. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova font on coffee mug

Embrace the digital age by using Proxima Nova to print on coffee mugs. Since the letters are big and proportional, this font is often used on websites and mobile apps. However, it also looks great on custom mugs!

What Size Font Should I Use on Custom Mugs?

The average font size to use on custom coffee mugs is 6 pt., but it could be smaller or larger depending on the print. You just need to make sure your design fits the imprint area of the mug.  

Did You Know? You can see how the font will look on your coffee mugs by using this free font preview tool

Final Thoughts

When you think of coffee mugs, your mind probably jumps right to the morning. You need a way to put the pep in your step right when you wake up, so it only makes sense for the print on the mugs to be exciting!  

Try any of these fonts for your next mug printing project! The team at Quality Logo Products® is always here with suggestions and can help you get amazing custom coffee mugs that everyone loves.

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