All of us here at Quality Logo Products® are very proud to announce that we have been listed on Promo Marketing’s list of the Top 50 Distributors of 2014. Promo Marketing is a leading industry publication dedicated to product and marketing information for promotional product professionals, so we are thrilled to have our achievements recognized on their list.

The Promo Marketing Top 50 Distributors list is an annual ranking of the highest-selling companies in the promo product industry. This year’s winners were ranked based on 2013’s sales numbers.

This year QLP ranked #37 on the Top 50 Distributors list!

four people celebrating with hats and party shades.

If you couldn’t tell from those GIFs, we’re really excited to be recognized for all of our hard work among our promo product peers. We couldn’t do it without you, our valued customers, so THANK YOU!

As great as it is to win awards and accolades, we do it all for our customers. Your happiness is our priority and our greatest achievement! Thank you so much for your business, and we look forward to continuing to work with all of you!

Now that we’ve got all that mushy stuff out of the way, we also have another exciting announcement!

QLP’s Ping Pong Ball product video has been added to the Promo Marketing Video Battle Hall of Fame!

If you haven’t already seen our Ping Pong Ball video, check it out.

Now, about this hall of fame business. Promo Marketing’s video battle is a contest for product videos and commercials in the promo product industry. Each week two videos are pitted against each other, and a winner is determined by a poll.

Once a video wins the video battle four weeks in a row it is listed in the “Video Battle Hall of Fame and General Awesomeness.”

You may have seen us posting about the contest on social media. We are happy to report that after four weeks of rigorous battle, QLP has come out on top and earned a spot in the hall of fame! You can check out our video listed in all its glory here.

We don’t mean to brag (yes, we totally do), but the QLP media team works very hard to make high-quality, entertaining product videos that don’t totally bore you to tears. We’re so happy our team was able to get the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work!

Okay, we’re done bragging about how great we are now. We’ll go back to being eternally grateful to YOU, our customers, to our media team for all of their efforts, to anyone who voted for our video, and to Promo Marketing for their continued support and recognition!

Thanks to all and high fives all around!

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