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Announcing the Winners of the 2015 QLP Supplier Awards!

Ladies, gentlemen, and stress balls everywhere! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—for the last couple of weeks, anyway. That’s right: it’s time to announce the winners of the first-ever Quality Logo Products® Supplier Awards!

For anyone just coming to the party, the humans at Quality Logo Products® have been working hard and voting for their favorites out of all the companies that make and customize the promotional products we sell. Suppliers were ranked primarily on their customer service and product selection. Everyone who works with our suppliers, from accounting to sales, got to pick the best of the best.

And when I say that they were working hard, I mean it! Sure, they weren’t lifting heavy boxes of water bottles or anything like that, but they did have to give their choices a lot of thought. It showed in the results, too. It was a close call, especially among the top five suppliers. There was only one point separating first place from second! Whew!

So let’s not put it off any longer. Here they are, the top ten promotional products suppliers according to QLP’s 2015 Supplier Awards!


Every one of these companies has been a pleasure for QLPers to work with, but Hit really took the cake and came out on top on a lot of people’s lists. So congratulations to everyone at Hit Promotional Products! Your product selection, your customer service—you all just really made our days every time we came into work.

We hope we’ve made it a great day for our winners, too, with the prizes we offered. First off, check out the custom trophy work we’ve got going! A lot of our suppliers actually make awards, so you know we had to work our booties off to come up with some unique trophies. Our first place winner, Hit Promotional Products, won the amazing trophy below.


Plus, for being our top banana, Hit Promotional Products is getting treated to lunch! Will it involve bananas? Heck, no—we’re going all out and ordering Portillo’s for their entire office!

All of our winners will be receiving an awesome custom-made trophy. Check out the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-10th place trophies below!

2nd place:


3rd place


4th-10th place


Can’t get enough of those cool trophies? Here are some close ups of all of that shiny promo goodness!


As a final bonus, we created this fancy award logo for our suppliers to plaster all over their websites. Now the whole world can see who’s QLP-approved! If you’re on the list of our Top Ten Suppliers above, just right-click and save the image below, and you’ll have an image you can use throughout your website and social media accounts.

QLP Supplier Award Logo
If you want to brag about your achievement (you know you do), feel free to copy/paste the embed code below to share our Supplier Awards badge on your blog or website!
[<p align=”center””><a data-link=””><img src=”” alt=”QLP Supplier Awards 2015″ /></a></p>]

We had a blast putting this together and an even bigger blast working with all of our suppliers this year. So thanks, suppliers, for all of your efforts. Which one of you will come out on top in QLP’s 2016 Supplier Awards? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!