The differences between rush production and rush shipping are among the most common misconceptions in the world of promotional items! If you’re not sure which is which, then this blog post can help you figure it out!

What is the difference between Rush Production and Rush Shipping?

“Rush Production” means that the time required to imprint your products is sped up, and “Rush Shipping” means that the time it takes for those finished items to ship to you is sped up. They are two separate entities, and not every promotional item on the Quality Logo Products® website qualifies for Rush Production and/or Rush Shipping.

Production time is the number of DAYS required to print/produce an order; that is, the total number of days the factory requires to print and get an order ready for shipment AFTER order and artwork approval has been submitted. Rush production, often referred to as “rush service”, is a service option that expedites the order process, usually for a small fee, reducing the total number of days a factory requires to print and get an order ready for shipment. A very basic example of rush production would be to have an order ship out on Thursday instead of Friday; producing the order and having it ready for shipment a full day “early”. Also, please keep in mind that most promotional items being ordered with a rush can only be printed with a maximum of one color in one location, and they are limited to web site quantities only. It’s as simple as that!

Rush shipping is a completely different beast. Unlike rush production, which deals with the total number of days the factory requires to PRINT and get an order READY for shipment, rush shipping has to do with the total number of days in TRANSIT it requires a package to arrive from the factory to your doorstep. The most basic of all shipping methods is ground service, and transit/delivery time is entirely dependent on your physical distance (in miles) from the factory. Depending on your location, it might take 5 days (transit time, not production time) for a shipment to arrive, but should you require the shipment sooner, you always have the option of expediting the shipping to reduce the shipping time (or days in transit). For example, you could upgrade the shipment type to Next Day Air Service and the package would arrive in ONE business day as opposed to 5. Please note that Quality Logo Products® has no control over the cost or service options available for rush shipping – instead, the rates, delivery times, and availability are entirely dependent upon the offerings of UPS or FedEx.

Can I use both “Rush Production” and “Rush Shipping” to get my order even sooner?


Get this: You CAN COMBINE and use rush production AND rush shipping on qualifying orders to get your promotional products even sooner. That’s right, for a small fee the factory will PRODUCE the order more quickly (Rush Production), and if that’s still not enough, we can SHIP the order expedited as well (Rush Shipping) so it arrives at your doorstep in time for your big event! To take advantage of these combined services, you would just need to specify it on your order.

3 Day Rush means I’ll receive my promotional products in 3 days, right?


3 Day Rush refers to rush production, which means that your items are produced faster than normal. When you use 3 Day Rush, that means the factory requires three business days to print and then prepare your custom items for shipment (after your order and artwork approval has been submitted). After your items are completed and ready to ship, THEN there is additional shipping time added, and the day you’ll receive your items depends on your location and where your products are being delivered.

How can I figure out a production/shipping estimate on the Quality Logo Products® website?

The convenient Quality Logo Products® website can assist you with an estimate on both production time and shipping, but many people aren’t sure how to find the tab. When you first click on an item and go to its specific page, scrolling down will allow you to read the product description. Look directly above the product description – do you see the tab labeled “Product Details”? You should also notice three other tabs next to that one, including one labeled “Delivery Schedule”. That’s the one you need to configure your shipping! Here’s a screenshot:

See the “Delivery Schedule” Tab?

This handy tab allows you to use the pull-down menu to select your PRODUCTION service: either 3 Day Rush or 1 Day Rush if available (remember, production refers to the time it’ll take to actually print your items and get them ready to ship) and also to estimate the SHIPPING date by zip code, depending on which rush delivery option you choose. The calendar will show you when your items would be due to start production and ship. Here’s another screenshot:

This is what the “Delivery Schedule” Tab looks like when you click on it

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