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Hey, Quality Logo Products® fans! Did you think that I was done announcing new website features? Well think again because I am back to tell you about some more exciting ways to search for products on our website.

I’ve talked about searching by delivery date. I’ve talked about searching by your budget. Heck, I’ve even talked about searching by type of imprint! But now it’s time for more exciting things. We’re going to go over some new sort functions in addition to searching by item size and imprint area shape!

As always, the nice humans over in the Media department have put together an incredible video to show you the ins and outs of the new features.


Okay, let’s get right to it.

Searching by Price 

First of all, we’ve upgraded some of our existing sort filters so you can display your results however you want.

Let’s head over to our Personalized Pens section. By default, our pens are sorted by popularity.

But you know what? You’ve decided that you really want to maximize your budget so you want to see which pens are the least expensive. All you have to do is sort by item price or total delivered price and the items will re-sort themselves to show you the most cost-efficient options we have.

So if you’re looking for pens that fall between .20 cents each and $1, all you have to do is enter your specifications and you’ll see results that fall in your price range.


Or if you have a specific budget of $100 to $300 and need to find 100 pens that fall within your budget, you can search that way as well.

Searching by Imprint Shape

You can also filter your search by imprint shape. For example, if you are looking to buy a custom tote bag and want to get an imprint in a certain shape, just go to our imprint filter and choose the shape that best fits your design.

So if you’re looking for a square imprint, simply select the option and you’ll see tote bags that accommodate your preferred shape.

We here at Quality Logo Products® know that no two companies and no two logos are the same. Sometimes products that look great with circle logos don’t look as great with long, skinny logos. Circle logos don’t turn out that well on sunglasses and tall, thin logos aren’t going to be that great on Frisbees.

This is no longer a problem! With our brand new imprint area filter you can find products that are absolutely ideal for your logo!

Let’s say that I’ve grown tired of my days as Quality Logo Products®’ mascot and I want to go into business for myself! I set up a company, get some office space, and then I design myself this super-rad amazing logo:

You would do business with me, right?

We know that my amazing logo is a circle, so we click on the round logo. Once we click that the Quality Logo Products® website will show us which products look great with a circle logo!

Need another example? I got one. Let’s say that you own and operate a Paris-based tour company. You probably have a logo that looks like this:



Tall and skinny. And tall and skinny logos look great on tall and skinny promo items like key chains, tote bags, and water bottles.


But vertical logos like these don’t look that great on items with horizontal imprint areas, like sunglasses and pens. Just look at this logo on a pen:


This pen is even larger than it would appear in real life and that logo is still extremely tiny. That’s why picking out the right imprint shape for your logo is so important!

Searching by Item Size

Now maybe you would rather be able to carry more things. So for you, item size is more important. Just enter your size specifications and the bags will re-sort themselves based on your size constraints.

If you’re looking for a custom tote bag that’s a certain size, all you have to do is enter in those dimensions in the search filter and watch as it works its magic!

We’re so proud of the Quality Logo Products® team for creating these new ways to search. It makes finding promo items by price, imprint shape, and size easier than ever! Make sure you head over and try it soon!

Questions? Comments? The Quality Logo Products® team is here to help. You can contact any of our fantastic customer service reps by email (, by phone (866-312-5646), via our live chat, or by leaving a comment below!

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  1. David

    The search features on our ever-improving, constantly-evolving site are so good, eventually, you might not have to call in to talk to the amazing sales reps.

    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t call though! We love talking to our clients and where else can you hear some of the best “hold” dialogue on the planet?

  2. AG

    This is actually a very cool feature to bring to the table on the search bar! Now clients will be able to find specific products that will fit their logos needs since sometimes if we would need to alter a logo if it wouldn’t print right on an item. An example would be printing a round logo on sunglasses. The logo might fill depending on what the logo contained and would look very small and wouldn’t be “popping” out like it should be 🙂 Neat little trick that will make customers and our lives easier! Great Post! 😀

  3. Mike Wenger

    This is one of the coolest features- EVER. Search by item size, imprint size, and maximize! If that does not save time and frustration, I am not sure what would.

    Love it.

  4. Angie

    Thanks again for the all the great improvements to our website. Not only does this help the customer, but also makes it easier for the sales team to assist the customer.

  5. Doc

    This is super helpful. I love the new search options. Not only is it very user friendly but it also allows the customer to refine the search to be as simple or detailed as they desire without complete confusion. Having a website that is easy to navigate is a huge asset over the competition.

  6. Chase

    This was a great added feature! I cannot tell you how often people are looking for a larger print area, and before we would have to look at every item to confirm. Now a simple search allows for us to find what we need. Super awesome! Thank you QLP! Great post to help people find the exact item they need! 🙂

  7. Greg

    Best search features in the business!

  8. Leo

    PERFECT! This is exactly what I love about the new site. I have already showed customers how to use the helpful tools! Not to mention, I have used it myself and have been able to narrow down options for a client. SO AMAZING 🙂 Way to go QLP!!

  9. Jen

    These search features make shopping thesite so easy; thanks again to you and your team for all of your hard work! It will make us so much faster at finding the perfect solution for our customers’ needs.

  10. Big K

    Nice new functionality!!

  11. Bret Bonnet

    Holy crap that’s some cool new functionality. Customers are going to love it!

  12. Bret Bonnet

    Wow – these are awesome.

  13. Rondell Caraos

    The updates on our website really amaze me! The more and more I am on our site, the more cool things I find! It is really easy to use and very helpful to find something that you didn’t even know you wanted. If your logo is round, you could search all our products that allow a round imprint… How cool is that!

  14. Ashley

    Having so many great items to choose from this makes it SO much easier for me to find the perfect item to find my customer needs!

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