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Promotional Pens Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional pens!

Inverted Pen

When Were Pens Invented?

The first ancient pens were invented in 3200 BCE and made from a reed. Modern ballpoint pens weren't invented until the 1930s. Today, we use pens in all different shapes and sizes!


How Are Pens Made?

Pens are made by creating the individual parts through injection molding, filling and testing the ink chamber, and then assembling the parts together! Once the production process is complete, the pens are ready to be shipped.


What Is the Most Popular Type of Pen?

The most popular pen is a ballpoint pen with a plunger mechanism tip. Not only is this type of pen easy to use, it comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and ink choices as well.


What is the Anatomy of a Pen?

The anatomy of a pen includes: a ball, socket, ballpoint, ink chamber, cap, grip, and barrel. Each part of a pen is essential because without it, the whole pen would be useless!


How Is Pen Ink Made?

Pen ink is made using a base such as water that absorbs different dyes, pigments, and other chemicals. The chemicals in pen ink are used to increase drying time, create a smooth texture, and preserve the ink.


How Many Custom Pens Should I Order?

The average customer orders 698 pens per order. When ordering custom pens, think about how many people you expect at your event. You can't go wrong with ordering a bit more than expected.


Can Pens be Recycled?

By taking your pens apart and teaming up with your local recycling plant, you can recycle old, dried-up, or unwanted pens. That's not all! There are even ways to reduce and reuse these popular writing utensils.

The most popular pen this year is the Archer 2 Pen.

The average customer purchases 698 pens per order.

Last year, blue was the most popular pen color.

There were 8,387 orders for pens last year.