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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner April 2016: Everyday Oil Solutions

Do you believe in the power of essential oils? Because author and creator of Everyday Oil Solutions, Brandy Jones Arnold does, and now she has some custom promos to help spread the word!

gybah-wine-gift-set-essentialoils-and-bookAccording to their Facebook page, Brandy was a skeptic before embarking in the business of essential oils. After visiting a friend’s house who had been trying to convince her to try them, she immediately fell in love with the refreshing scents as well as the appeal of a clean, chemical free home. But it was the aromatherapy treatments of lemon, lavender, and peppermint that that Brandy credits for helping relieve persistent allergies of both her and her daughter. She was hooked and decided to turn it into a small business.

Everyday Oil Solutions evolved out of Brandy’s self-described “process oriented” mindset while in search of a how-to recipe book. She wanted something that could be helpful to beginners while giving inspiring recipes to enthusiasts. Her series of books offers something for everyone from beginner to distributor.


As our winner of last month’s GYBAH Giveaway, Everyday Oil Solutions decided to use the $500 allotment to give back to her top-tier customers. She selected a set of trendy and beautiful custom adult coloring books that went out with recent orders if they met certain criteria. Now she is giving away a gorgeous custom wine gift set as a prize in a Facebook giveaway. To enter, either share the Facebook page or leave a review for one of their recipe books on (double-entry). Check out the details for entering Everyday Oil Solutions Facebook Giveaway here.


If your small business or startup would like a chance to be our next Give Your Brand a Hand winner, enter here. You can also check out all of our past winners and the cool promo products they won here. We look forward to seeing your entries and hearing your ideas for your next great giveaway!


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