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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner March 2016: Sweet Freedom Creamery

You’ve probably heard about craft beers and small-batch bourbon, as they’re super popular everywhere right now. What about artisan cheese? Well, that’s what the cheesemakers at Sweet Freedom Creamery in Fayetteville, Arkansas, are all about. Founded in 2013, Sweet Freedom Creamery creates small-batch cheeses made from locally sourced milk. They focus on high-quality products, fresh ingredients, and working with local farmers and their friendly cows to create the best cheese in Arkansas. Through cheesemaking classes, farmer’s market appearances, and other events, Sweet Freedom is getting people excited about the art of cheese.

Because of their passion and commitment to community, we were excited to partner with them as our March Give Your Brand a Hand Winners. With their $500 promotional product credit, they chose two custom products help grow their brand exposure. The first were these branded aprons.


They also snagged some of these tote bags.


Upon receipt of her new giveaways, Jessica Keahey, founder and head cheesemaker at Sweet Freedom Creamery, sent us this note to let us know how she was going to use her new personalized products:

“Thanks so very much for these – they are going to be enormously useful! We are going to use the aprons in our cheesemaking classes. We plan to initially give away the totes at our farmer’s market but then offer a discount for folks who reuse the bag! This will allow us to avoid paper/plastic bag waste while advertising our new start-up.”

Jessica, we love your ideas and hope that they bring you cheesemaking greatness and glory!

If your small business or startup would like a chance to be our next Give Your Brand a Hand winner, enter here. We look forward to seeing your entries and hearing your ideas for your next great giveaway!

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  1. Jen

    Who doesn’t love cheese? The aprons and totes turned out awesome! What great and useful choices to get the word out there. The reusable totes not only save on the environment, but on costs of plastic or paper bags. Bonus: your customers are motivated to come back!

    Congratulations Jessica!

  2. Johnny Bell

    The give your brand a hand giveaway just seems like a win-win situation all around. The winners like Sweet Freedom Creamery get to promote their business and get their name out there while QLP does too. Sweet Freedom obviously already knows about us but anyone they come across who might also have a need to promote might inquire about how they got their aprons and totes and before we know it we have a new client. I’m always interested in hearing about how a company like this would use the new giveaways their names just been printed on. At first I thought what would a creamery to with aprons and totes to get their name out there. After seeing that they use the aprons in their own classes and promote reusing the totes at farmers markets it showed this company is definitely a proven winner. However I feel like a company such as this would also benefit from giveaways like cheese graters for example Q20742. Maybe even a platter to serve their cheeses on while promoting like Q5411. Sweet Freedom Creamery won for a reason, though. It’s always good to see our items put to good use in everyday promotional opportunities.

  3. Shauna

    Yessss! Congrats to all of you at Sweet Freedom Creamery! So exciting! As if cheese and other goods of the like isn’t tempting enough, now your customers will simply be unable to resist your delicious goods with all of the cool new swag you guys won!

    Also, great idea on offering a discount to your customers that reuse the tote you will be handing out at farmer’s markets — what a great way to get your name out there, drum up repeat business and also help save our beautiful planet. Huge thumbs up!

  4. Anthony

    Congratulations Sweet Freedom Creamery! I also dig the design you got going on as well! I think the idea for the discount is fantastic since it will get people to reuse your items over and over again. Plus, customers will spread the word around to their friends and co-workers! Way to make your brand stand out!!

    We look forward to seeing how you move forward with some awesome swag in the future and what unique ways you have in promoting these items to help out your business. Also, Cheese is love. Cheese is life. Congrats again!!

  5. Erin

    Congrats to another deserving winner!!! I LOVE cheese and I love Sweet Freedoms’ logo and items they chose with their winnings. That cow illustration is great! I hope their customers bring these cool totes back over and over again to save on some waste. The aprons being used for the cheese making classes are such a great idea. I want to learn to make cheese!!!

  6. Kelly Bird

    Congratulations Sweet Freedom Creamery! Love the products you’ve chosen to expand your brand. Anytime you can capitalize on getting customers to use your advertising to get discounts on purchases is such a smart move. Get your brand out in the public and start some great conversations about your cheese while rewarding customers for coming back to buy the products they already love to buy. It’s win-win for all parties involved – as if cheese didn’t already make it one of life’s greatest wins already!

  7. Jon Cacioppo

    Congrats Jessica and the rest of the folks at the creamery!
    I love our monthly giveaway – it really is the best of both worlds for the customer . . . they get to have all the fun of ordering promotional products and seeing what we can do, all without worrying about coming up with the marketing investment dollars upfront.
    I think the aprons and tote bags not only turned out great, but fit in perfectly with what they do, and showcases their awesome logo so nicely.

    Take a page from their book – if you have a nice logo that you paid someone to design for you, pick pieces that display it well and large enough for everyone to see to give out to your customers . . . you never know how many people will be checking out the swag you just handed out 🙂

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