Water is a basic necessity of life, which is exactly why personalized water bottles are such great gifts. Marathon runners, students, remote workers, gym rats, nurses, and many others will appreciate a good bottle they can sip from while they’re on the move.

Are you ordering custom water bottles? Be sure the text on front is easy to read! Here are the best fonts for printing on water bottles.

1. Gotham

Gotham font on water bottles

The trick when printing on water bottles is to pick a font that isn’t too thick and isn’t too thin. Gotham is like the Goldilocks of the font world…the letters are just right in the print! They’re also really easy to read at a quick glance.

2. Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk font on water bottles

It sounds like a tasty dessert, but Lemon Milk is a legible font you can use when printing. The tall, thin letters look modern and fun. Use this legible font if you plan on giving away personalized water bottles as party favors.

3. Bodoni

Bodoni font on water bottles

Water bottles are awkward to print on since the imprint area wraps around the bottle. You should use fonts like Bodoni where the letters are packed close together. This font style makes it so more of the text fits on the same side of the bottle.

4. Reggae One

Reggae One font on water bottles

You’ll picture a tropical paradise if you print in Reggae One. This slanted font looks like it’s handwritten, which gives the text more personality. Try this font if you’re selling the custom water bottles in a gift shop at your resort or theme park.

5. Palatino

Palatino font on water bottles

Palatino is often on the list of easy fonts to read. The letters are big and have the little Serif “feet” at the bottom to add visual interest. Since this font takes up more space, use it if you plan on printing only 1 to 3 words.

6. Bellota

Bellota font on water bottles

Cursive isn’t always easy to read at a quick glance, so if you want the text to look fancy, try Bellota instead! Each letter has curvy lines that look good, but since the spacing is so far apart, the font is more legible than cursive.

7. Myriad

Myriad font on water bottles

When it comes to fonts, you have a myriad of choices. However, if you want your text to be legible, then Myriad should be your new BFF! It’s a simple font with thin, narrow characters that show up clearly on your custom water bottles. 

8. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova font on water bottles

Look at your phone or laptop, and you’ll probably see at least one website using Proxima Nova. This font is big and bold, but it doesn’t end up looking smooshed together when it’s used on printed water bottles.

9. Bebas

Bebas font on water bottles

Bebas is a good choice for customizing water bottles. The letters are also rail thin and packed closely together, so you can fit more characters in the bottle’s imprint area.  

10. Helvetica

Helvetica font on water bottles

Print the text on your water bottles using Helvetica. This font shows up clearly on metal, plastic, or glass water bottles, making it a great choice no matter what you order!

What Size Font Should I Use on Custom Water Bottles?

The average font size to use on custom water bottles is 6 pt., but it could be smaller or larger depending on the print. Just make sure your design fits the imprint area of the bottle.

Did You Know? You can see how the font will look on your water bottles by using this free font preview tool

Final Thoughts

Stay cool with custom water bottles! People need to drink enough water throughout the day, and it’ll be a lot easier if they have a bottle they can use. It’s even better if the bottle has an interesting design on the front!

Try any of these fonts for your next water bottle printing project! The team at Quality Logo Products® is always here with suggestions and can help you get amazing custom koozies that everyone loves.

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