Do you want a stress ball that looks like your dog? How about one that’s the spitting image of your boss? Great news – you can make stress toys that look like just about anything! It’s all about ordering custom made stress balls.

You can always buy stress balls that look like bananas, cameras, and even the Statue of Liberty, but it can be a ton of fun to create a stress ball from scratch. A special mold is created so you can get a stress ball that looks like basically anything.

It’s time to find the best stress balls for you! Here’s what you need to know about creating your own custom made stress balls.

What is a Custom Made Stress Ball?

what is a custom made stress ball

A custom made stress ball is one that you is made uniquely to you. A special mold is created by the factory in the design that you request. You can get a stress ball that looks like whatever you want!

Create a stress ball that’s unique and special. It could be your college mascot, your wedding cake, your company logo, or even your Great Aunt Muriel. Whatever floats your boat!

How is My Stress Ball Made?

example of how a custom made stress ball is created

The stress balls you get custom made will be anywhere from 2 to 4 inches all the way around. They will also be made from polyurethane, a flexible polymer that reforms to its original shape.

Just like with regular stress balls, you can customize the front with your logo, name, or any other image or text. This is done using screen printing or pad printing.

Where Can I Order My Unique Stress Balls?

ALPI, a promotional products supplier, currently offers custom made stress balls, which they call Squeezies®.

The NHL and NFL are two notable clients who have purchased these custom created stress balls. They ordered toys look just like their team mascots!

ALPI custom made stress balls

The process to create these custom stress toys is quite simple:

  1. The customer sends in their request. Even if it’s just a drawing on a napkin, ALPI can turn it into a stress ball!
  2. A wax mold of the desired stress ball is made by hand at the ALPI factory.
  3. ALPI sends the customer a sample of their stress ball with the colors and customization in place.
  4. The customer approves the stress ball, and the entire order goes into production.
  5. The stress balls are shipped to the customer.

If you’re interested in this service, you won’t order directly from ALPI. Instead, you’ll work with us at Quality Logo Products®. It’s our job to communicate the stress balls you’d like to order with ALPI, so you get exactly what you expect.

You’ll get digital mock-ups of your stress balls that you can review. We won’t send anything into production until you give us the thumbs up!

“Customers love custom shaped stress balls because they’re fun. They’re items that no one else will have and are unique to the client.” – Marc Canet, Sales Manager for ALPI

How Much Are the Stress Balls?

cost for custom made stress balls

You need to order a high minimum – anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 stress balls at a time. There is also usually a mold fee involved. With that in mind, the cost for custom made stress balls is higher than when you order the toys premade.

The total cost also depends on the stress ball’s shape, size, and the amount of imprint colors used in the customization. Set aside enough room in your budget if you want to place an order.

How Fast Are the Stress Balls Made?

shaped stress balls

It can take anywhere from 16 to 20 weeks or even longer to receive your order of custom made stress balls. It just depends on the complexity of your design.

Do you not have time to wait? Check out the stress balls already available on the Quality Logo Products website! The shipping for these custom stress balls is only a week or less since they don’t require new molds. You can order them now, and get them fast!

What Other Shapes Do Stress Balls Come In?

Stress balls are shaped like everything and anything! Take a look at some crowd-pleasing favorites that are readily available right now.

Popular Stress Ball Shapes

Why should round stress balls have all the fun? Try unique, yet instantly recognizable shapes. Here are the most popular!

Animal Stress Balls

Show our furry and scaly friends some love! You can find a ton of stress balls shaped like animals. They’re cute promotional giveaways for shelters, farms, and zoos.

People Stress Balls

Everyone can use a new friend! Take a look at fun stress balls that look like nurses, teachers, bosses, ninjas, wrestlers, ballerinas, and more.

Sports Stress Balls

Score big with athletes by giving them these sports themed stress balls as gifts! You can also get a rally going by tossing them to the fans in the stands.

Food Stress Balls

Yum! While you can’t eat these food stress balls, you’ll still want a sample of each one. Get stress balls that look like your favorite foods!

Are these stress balls not quite what you want? Make your own stress ball from scratch instead! You just have to let your rep know you’re interested, and they’ll send a request to the factory to create your shape.

Learn more about how regular stress balls are made by watching this video!

Which Stress Ball Should I Buy?

Now it’s time to decide – should you buy stress balls that are already made, or do you make your own instead? The choice is ultimately yours, but it may help to dive a bit more into the logistics.

Here are the pros and cons of making your own custom shaped stress balls!

unicorn graphic


No one else has stress balls quite like yours, which makes them pretty special. It’s a gift that will be held onto for years.

creativity graphic

Allows for Creativity

You’re the boss! Communicate exactly what you want, and the factory will build the stress ball special for you.

text communications graphic

More Likely to Trend

Let’s say your music venue is hosting an Elvis tribute concert. Can you imagine how many social shares you’ll get if you create your own stress balls that look like The King?

stopwatch graphic

Turnaround Time

Custom shaped stress balls have to be made from scratch, which means the order takes longer. It could be 16 to 20 weeks, not counting holidays, weekends, or unexpected shipping delays.

price graphic


It costs money to make the mold for your custom shaped stress balls. As a result, the price for this service will be a bit higher than if you were to buy readily made stress balls.

box of stress balls graphic

High Minimum

You’re going to have to order more units at once; sometimes as many as 1,000 to 2,000 stress balls at a time. If your plan was to order 1 stress ball that looks like your mom for Mother’s Day, you may need to reevaluate. 

Now you know all there is to know about creating your own stress balls! The good news is stress balls, no matter how they look, are great gifts or promotional giveaways for just about any occasion.

Final Thoughts

People love to receive gifts that reflect their interests and personalities, which is exactly why unique shaped stress balls are becoming more and more popular. Create one that means the most to you!

Quality Logo Products can make stress balls in any shape you want. We’ll also make the process as fast and easy as possible. Give us a call or send us an email if you’re interested.

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