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Employee Spotlight - Bre | Quality Logo Products

Employee Spotlight 2017: Breanne Ailor

When Breanne Ailor started her journey at Quality Logo Products five years ago, she had no idea that she would become part of a bigger community-driven project. As our Claims Manager, Bre, as she’s known in the office, works with customers on a daily basis to ensure their promotional products arrive in one piece. As much as we wish every single order was printed and delivered 100% perfectly, unfortunately, accidents happen! When those inevitable times come, it’s Bre’s mission to work with the customer until they’re happy. One of the biggest things we pride ourselves on is customer happiness, and Bre plays a big role in that process. She’s the conductor of our promo orchestra, keeping everything on tempo and making each song that much sweeter.

When an order does go wrong, the items often get sent back to Quality Logo Products. However, once these piles started to grow in her office, Bre realized a lot of these misprinted or damaged items could be put to good use. Promotional products are ordered in bulk, so when errors happen, it doesn’t affect just one product. It usually impacts hundreds! Seeing these perfectly functional items start to pile up in her office struck a chord with Bre and got the wheels spinning in her mind.

“Pretty much my whole life I’ve done some type of volunteering, so I think naturally it was instinct for me to think a little bit more beyond the box.”

Whether it’s local homeless shelters like the Hesed House in Aurora or to the citizens of Puerto Rico after the hurricane, Bre is always searching for causes to support by donating our excess promotional products. With an estimate of around thirteen different organizations, Bre’s donations are making impacts within the local community and beyond.

“Any time I give our clients an opportunity to donate or discard an order, I’ll look up a homeless shelter in their area provide them information about that.”

Employee Spotlight - Bre | Quality Logo ProductsThe most recent donation Bre organized was one sent to Bridge to Success, a Chicago-based organization that enhances employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income, no-income individuals by providing high-end interview and workplace appropriate clothing. Quality Logo Products contributed men’s and women’s business collared shirts that are perfect for going on interviews or for a first day at work.

Since there are multiple organizations in the area that could benefit from Quality Logo Products’ extra promos, a secondary charity recently came to Bre’s mind. With an excess of brief cases, short sleeve polos, collared shirts, and padfolios from our Holiday Gift Guide, she wanted to ensure these extras were put to good use. Bre chose Dress For Success, an organization that strives to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycle of poverty, including providing each client with professional attire in order to secure employment.

With plans to help Puerto Rico in the near future, the wheels are always turning in Bre’s mind. From helping the local community to reaching outside our borders, Quality logo Products is so proud to have such a compassionate team member. She plays a large role in the mission of Quality Logo Products and what it means to truly provide exceptional customer service.

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