Do you have a party around the corner? How about a business to advertise? Well, then you’re going to love personalized breath mints! They make amazing favors or giveaways for a ton of situations. It’s the little things that count, after all!

Let’s make sure your mints are the life of the party! Breathe some life into these little candies with a few design tips and tricks.

Why Do You Need Custom Mints?

Breath mints fit easily into bowls, jars, or goodie bags. That’s exactly why they’re great for the following situations:

Wedding Favors

Say “I do” to fresh breath and put mints at every seat at the reception tables. You can find wrappers that match your wedding colors and print your initials on the front of each mint.


It’s never fun to leave a party without something, even if it’s as small as breath mints. Give some out as favors, whether it’s for birthdays and holidays or other big events like bachelorette parties and baby showers.

Dinner or Banquet

Do you have an award ceremony or a fancy banquet planned in the near future? A good breath mint will be appreciated by all your guests, especially if you’re serving garlic pasta!

Reception Desk

Whether you’re a bank, doctor’s office, hotel, or fitness center, you should keep a bowl of custom mints in your reception area. It’s a little extra something that will be appreciated by all your visitors.


Your customers don’t want a bad taste in their mouths after dining with you. Bring a few mints to the table with the check or leave them in the front by the register!

Company Picnic

Send your employees home with goodie bags full of mints. They’re super low-cost gifts that will get a ton of use.

Community Events

Mints are an awesome choice if you plan on having food trucks or tents at your event. People will be filling their plates up with a ton of food and will want something fresh for afterward.

Trade Show

You don’t want people to come to your trade show booth, eat a mint, and immediately throw the wrapper away. Reusable tins are a better giveaway since they can be reused for other things like coins or jewelry.

Realtors, mechanics, schools, non-profits… the list goes on and on! As long you have a business to advertise, or an event that needs favors, sweet, refreshing mints are an excellent choice.

Tips for Customizing Your Mints

You don’t want people to look at your mints and think “meh.” Take some time to really come up with a good design!

Follow these helpful tips:

  1. Choose a tasty flavor.
  2. Wrap the mints in a pretty package.
  3. Keep your design simple.
  4. Order a bunch at one time.

#1: Choose a Tasty Flavor

You want to make sure the mints you choose are actually tasty. If not, people are going to be angry with you for giving them something that leaves a gross taste in their mouths. Good vibes only.

Sometimes you can mix and match the flavors, but other times you can only get one flavor in a bulk order.

The mints will either be soft or hard, depending on which flavor you choose.

Each flavor comes in a variety of shapes and colors. For example, peppermints can be completely white, or flat and round with stripes.

Sugar-free options are available for certain flavors.

Communication is key! If you have any questions about the flavors, be sure to ask your customer service rep.

#2: Wrap the Mints in a Pretty Package

After you have a good flavor in mind, the next step is to figure out how you want to package everything. There are a ton of great options!

Here are all the ways you can package custom mints:

  • Design printed directly on the mints
  • Cellophane wrappers
  • Square tins
  • Round tins
  • Shaped tins
  • Mini tins
  • Credit card shaped
  • Tic Tac style container
  • Bags
  • Two-in-one packaging

Print on the Mints

With edible ink, you can get a colorful design on each individual mint. This is a super polished look, especially when the design is repeated on top of the tin.

Cellophane Wrappers

Cellophane is a food-safe material that’s often used for mints and candies. You can store a bunch of these mints in a jar at one time, and it will still feel light as a feather!

Square Tins

You have a lot of options with square mint tins. To start, the lid can either slide open or pop up on hinges. Plus, you can choose to print your design in ink on the top, or go with a classy embossed design, which creates a 3D look such as the ones pictured here.

Round Tins

If you want your mint tins to stand out, try round tins instead of square ones. Your design will take up most of the lid, which makes this shape a great choice if you have a logo you want to display.

Shaped Tins

You can find a mint tin that matches your personality! Do you have a band? Try a guitar-shaped tin! Are you looking for something for your vacation resort? Go with tins in the shape of flip-flops!

Mini Tins

Perhaps you have an event around the corner, but space is tight at the venue. Try these pocket-sized mint tins! They won’t take up much room, and your guests still get to go home with nice favors.

Credit Card Shaped Containers

Slip these credit card shaped mint containers right in your wallet! They’re fun little gifts if you want to promote your bank or finance company.

Tic Tac Style Container

The classic Tic Tac container has been a favorite for years. You can get the right number of mints every time with the handy dispenser on the top.


You’re a busy person and might not have time to put your peppermints into little bags. Look for some that are pre-packaged and ready to go!

Two-in-One Packaging

Who doesn’t love two gifts in one? Some custom mint tins come with an additional item. For instance, the one pictured here includes not just tasty mints, but also a lip balm in your choice of flavor.

#3: Keep Your Design Simple

Mints, and the packages they come in, aren’t very big. You will have a limited space for printing your custom design.

Print only 1 or 2 of the following:

  1. Name
  2. Date
  3. Phone Number
  4. Address
  5. Website
  6. Logo
  7. Small Clipart Image
  8. 4 to 5 Word Slogan

Your next step is to figure out how colorful your design needs to be. The best option for your budget is to print only 1 color on the mints. Any additional inks will cost more!

However, if you do want colorful mints, look for an option that is labeled “full color transfer.” The difference is pictured below.

This is full color printing

You get all the colors you’d like included. Notice all the colors on the “in planet” design sticker. They are all part of the price!

This is NOT full color printing

You get one color included in the printed design. In this case, it’s white to spell “Dodge.” If you want to use more colors, you will pay for each additional ink used.

For both options, your design will either be printed on a sticker or printed directly onto the container or package. It just depends on which item you’re interested in ordering.

A single color design is always more budget-friendly. Be sure to think about how you want the final product to look and then go from there!

#4: Order a Bunch at One Time

Plan on getting anywhere between 500 to 2,000 mints in one order. There’s almost always a minimum you have to reach when ordering items in bulk, and mint candies are no exception.

This chart will help you find budget-friendly mints for your next event!

Source: @olivegarden, Twitter

Why Are Mints Great Giveaways?

You just had a great meal or a good time. Fresh mints are little palate cleansers that are always appreciated, especially when they’re used as party favors or by a business to advertise.

Take Olive Garden for example. This Italian restaurant, which opened its doors in 1982 and pulls in an average of $5 million in revenue every year, has offered after-meal mints to patrons for years. They’re Andes Chocolates, but made special with a different design and wrapper exclusive to Olive Garden.

Source: @olivegarden, Twitter

The chocolate mints have become a part of the Olive Garden experience, much like endless pasta bowls and delicious breadsticks. People absolutely love them!

You can get just as many people loving your mints! Choose a tasty flavor, take some time to think of a good design, and you’re well on your way to having just as much success as Olive Garden.

The Bottom Line

The world is your oyster! You can choose custom mints in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The tips and tricks above should help get you started on putting together an awesome design!


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