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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner May 2015: Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe

Welcome to the May edition of our Give Your Brand a Hand Giveaway! May was full of awesome entries and we were thrilled for our winner, Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe. Amy bakes up delicious treats out of Minnetonka, Minnesota and caters to weddings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, holiday gatherings, graduation celebrations, and just about any occasion where fresh baked treats are appreciated (which we think is probably everywhere, honestly). Her craft at custom dessert making has earned her some sweet baking bragging rights, including preferred vendor status on leading wedding planning sites, write ups on popular blogs, and a spot on the local news!

With her $500 promotional product credit, Amy ordered some stunning shirts, complete with her business logo. She said, “[I’m] excited to have them, and give some away to my best customers!” We think those customers are pretty lucky, because they get to experience those delicious baked goods and also get those comfy looking shirts. Here’s a picture she snapped of one of those customers already wearing one!


The amazing looking cupcakes, macaroons, and cakes are probably reason to enough to do business with Amy, but we think these t-shirts give customers just one more reason to stop at Amy’s Cupcake Shop!

Congrats, Amy! We know that anyone lucky enough to experience those tasty treats will love wearing those stylish shirts.

We’re excited for Amy, but we’re also excited for you, because May’s winner is not our last! We’ve had so much fun meeting new small business owners and creating custom products with their contest credit, we’re going to keep the giving going. There’s still time for your small business to enter to win personalized goodies to give to your customers!

Make sure you read up on our past winners for the months of March and April. If you’ve also got a small business and want to grow your brand, this contest is definitely for you – enter here by filling out our contest form and let us know how you’d use your $500 in promotional products!

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  1. Kelly Bird

    CONGRATS AMY! Love the logo and it looks great on the shirts! I have a client who also has a bakery. Business owners often don’t realize how little it costs to advertise their brand yet how priceless the impact is on developing their customer base. Word of mouth is everything, especially when it comes to the food industry. With my client they have a signature black box that everyone recognizes by color and then we place a custom sticker on it (much like the logo Amy is using above). Just that small bit of advertising has helped clients from all surrounding counties associate the baked goods with their company and the sticker in their company colors (costing just pocket change per piece) offers all of the company contact information anyone would need to stop by for their own baked goods or book an event. It’s not how much you spend when advertising it’s making sure you are using it the right way to make the most impact.

  2. PMO

    This is fantastic! Congratulations!

    What a great opportunity to “Expand Your Brand”!

    And, I’m with Kelly – Stickers for bakeries and restaurants are a great way to to put yourself out there for a few cents!

  3. Doc Launius

    Congratulations, Amy!!! Good use of the gift card. The shirts look awesome and I love the colors. After checking out your website, I’m really impressed!! There is so much wonderful content and after scanning through a few of the pictures, I’m craving some cupcakes. I also like the you’ve expanded your horizons to Macaron Classes. Great job, Amy. Best of luck with future success.

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