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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner January 2016: Buffalo Gals Mercantile

Over at Buffalo Gals Mercantile, they’ve branded themselves with the slogan “Fabulous things you never knew you needed!” Like what? And just what is a “mercantile shop,” anyway?

Well, a mercantile shop is defined as a “rural or small town store that carries a broad selection of merchandise; the main shop of a community.” Buffalo Gals’ owner, Katy Kassian, has a whole online shop loaded up with vintage goodies galore: hats made from reclaimed materials and handmade aprons and purses, plus treats like coffee, hand-rolled biscotti, and more. In addition to being a talented craftsperson, baker of delicious goods, and resident and worker on a farm in North Dakota, she is also our Give Your Brand a Hand winner for January!

To help build her vintage-inspired brand, she chose some down-to-earth items to share with customers. The first were some of our jotter notebooks (and we encourage customers who snag one of these to use it to jot down one of her delicious biscotti recipes, if you can).


Plus no promotional product order for a seamstress like Katy would be complete without personalized tape measures!


We love the creative ideas that Katy came up with, and we know her customers will too!

Several other artsy business owners have won our contest in prior months – as well as consultants, graphic designers, gyms, travel agencies, and insurance companies. Check out our past winners for March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December!

When you’re done with finding out who’s been showered with free promo products in the past, enter YOUR small business to be our next winner by filling out this easy form.  Tell us all about your business, what you’d use $500 in free promotional products on, and tune in next month to see who our next winner will be!

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  1. Chase

    Great choice with the Jotter Notebooks, looks like they turned out well, no surprise! I think that item does a great job of showing appreciation to the customer without costing too much or seeming too generous or desperate for repeat business. Congrats Katy and good luck to the next winner!

  2. Erin

    Congrats Katy! I love the items you picked – very practical with staying power that I think your target market will love. I’m always making lists so having a jotter in my purse at all times is a must! The handy tape measure is also a great choice that everyone can use. Your store looks great and is right up my ally. I’m just LOVING the burlap bags!!! Next time I’m in North Dakota you can bet I’ll be stopping in!

  3. Jon

    Those look awesome Katy!
    It was a pleasure to help you out with your free swag 🙂 I hope you are as happy with how they turned out as I am. For your business, you picked pretty much the perfect giveaway items – those pieces will make an impact on the customer right away, and every time they go to use them.
    Can’t wait to hear from you again! Hope business is boomin’!

  4. Jen

    What a fun company and deserving team! Congrats, Katy!

    The items you picked show your business savvy. Everyone needs these items, but there are a million choices out there. The ones you picked are great because your customers can have them on hand and keep them for such a long time (well, hopefully with the measuring tape..forever!). Plus, bonus: they’re cute 🙂

    Congrats again and thank you for choosing QLP!

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