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Spotlight: Give Your Brand a Hand Winner September 2015: Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project

We might be in the middle of fall, but growing season isn’t over quite yet. This month’s winner of our Give Your Brand a Hand giveaway was Robbie Bos, the founder of the Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project. He and a team of volunteers have helped to build this community garden from the ground up, starting back in 2012.


Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project is actually two gardens located in Southern California. Their “China Gardens” boasts 46 individual raised beds with over 700 square feet of food pantry growing area and seven fruit trees.  Their second location, “The Ranch Community Garden”, broke ground in spring of 2015 and continues to be built in stages.


During their 2014 growing season, they distributed over 660 pounds of produce to local food banks and churches. To accomplish all this, their volunteers build beds, plant seeds and fruit trees, water, harvest, tend to walkways and paths, pull weeds, build compost areas, and plan for future growing spaces.

To help thank the countless volunteers who help make this possible, Robbie wanted to share some gifts that expressed his gratitude for helping to make the project a growing success. With his $500 prize, he chose the 25 oz. Alpine Aluminum Water Bottle and the Jumbo Nonwoven Grocery Tote .

We love the idea of volunteers being able to easily stay hydrated while working around the gardens with those cool water bottles. The bags are perfect for carrying supplies or veggies on site or even at the grocery store. Plus, using the imprinted bags and bottles on the go means that other people will see their logo and maybe get curious enough to get involved in the project!

So congrats again to Robbie and the Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project! We loved working with you on these thoughtful thank you gifts and we hope your team loves using them.

The Give Your Brand a Hand Giveaway continues on and if you want to join the ranks of small businesses that have won, enter here! In August, our prize went to a fitness center. In July, an artist in Chicago won. June saw an insurance company take the prize. May was a Midwest cupcake shop and April was a travel agency. Our first winner back in March was a graphic design firm. Will your business be next?

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  1. Chase

    Wow! This is awesome! Congratulations to Big Bear Valley Community Gardens Project. This will be a great way to promote your band and get your name out there! Both of these items are on the top sellers list, and look great! I am really excited for you, hope these get you more volunteers. This is great stuff! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Erin

    I’m SOOO excited for this month’s winner! I helped Robbie out with some tote bags in April and urged him to apply for our contest thinking he would be the perfect applicant! Community gardens are such a great way to help people in need and to get the community involved! I hope all the volunteers and recipients love their bottle and bags and that they help to gain some exposure for your great cause!

  3. Jon

    Awesome, I can’t imagine a better place winning our monthly $500 worth of swag prize. This way the volunteers “get a little something for the effort” but also get to put their name out there even more and spread the word about all the good those gardens are doing.
    It is great when we get to help out a small business in their marketing efforts where they might otherwise not have the opportunity; but when we get to help a worthy cause, it is even more special.

  4. PMO

    Heck yeah, another big winner!

    It feels good to work for a company that gives something back to their clients. It feels even better see such a worthwhile organization receive part of that give back!

  5. David Willits

    I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner than this team of people. My hat is off to them for what they have accomplished and continue to do in their community. I hope that the awareness raised from the bags & water bottles brings a lot more people to this cause.

    Keep up the great work in the Big Bear area Robbie!

  6. Anthony

    This is great!! For people who do a lot for the community, they do deserve something like this that might help others join their cause! What goes around, comes around and Robbie and his team definitely deserve this one.

    It’s also nice to see QLP giving back to our client’s as well! I am proud to be a part of such a team that can and will do such things. Excited to hear the next story of the winner of this contest! Great post and once again, congratulations Robbie and Big Bear Community Gardens Project!! 😀

  7. Shauna

    Woooo! Congrats to Big Bear Valley! I absolutely love their mission — gardening is such a beneficial process, first and foremost for the talented people that have Harry Potter hands of magic (unlike me because everything I plant ends up dying a slow, tragic death) to make things grow, it’s so cathartic to spend some time digging around and it makes you swell with pride when those first little green buds begin to pop up, cause hey, you GREW something! I love the community behind this group also, they themselves being in community with one another while working to better their community in a healthy way. Thumbs up, friends — you rock!

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