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Give Your Brand a Hand: NiCHE Nutrition Consultants & Health Educators August 2017

Hit the hills, diet fads! NiCHE Nutrition Consultants & Health Educators is changing the way women think about living a healthy lifestyle. For Co-Founders Kathy Levin and Micca Donohoo, being healthy is about more than just hitting goal weights. It’s about encouraging everyday women to have access to simple nutritious meals and cultivating a permanent attitude toward healthy eating.

NiCHE Nutrition Consultants & Health Educators’ mission is to provide a customized nutrition and health experience with constant support and accountability to help women realistically reach their goals. Kathy and Micca even go so far as to stay in constant communication with their clients throughout the day to ensure their success.

Give Your Brand a Hand - NiCHE Nutrition Information and Health Consultants

Give Your Brand a Hand is a monthly giveaway that was created with small businesses such as Niche in mind.  Applicants who make less than $1 million in annual revenue and have fewer than 50 employees can enter for their chance at securing $500 in free promotional products. Our team hand-picks the recipients based on their organization’s mission and their answer to the question: “What would you do with $500 in promo items?”

NiCHE’s application stood out to the Quality Logo Products team due to their level of dedication to improving women’s lives in a way that is sensible and doesn’t require self-deprivation. Kathy and Micca set their clients up for success by providing a judgment-free, one-on-one environment that takes the weight off their shoulders. They really pride themselves on cultivating positive, authentic relationships with their clients so they feel comfortable with the process and can naturally ease themselves into a healthier lifestyle. This is a cause that we are extremely proud to support through our monthly Give Your Brand a Hand initiative!

“Part of our journey is to get people to cook again and use that to get the nutrition methods out there versus us just sitting there lecturing them.”
-Kathy Levin

Progress Over Perfection

NiCHE came to fruition when Kathy and Micca decided there simply had to be a better way of achieving a healthier life. As registered dieticians, they paved a new way to a well-rounded and unstructured health plan. Instead of forcing strict guidelines onto their clients and making them jump in feet first to a brand new lifestyle, Kathy and Micca created a program that encourages women to take baby steps to a healthier life. “We tell them to shelf where their weight is at and put the focus on the behavior changes and then their weight will go in the direction that it’s supposed to,” said Micca Donohoo. Some of the small, yet easily implemented changes include meal prepping, comparing nutrition labels at the grocery store, and keeping a food journal that has nothing to do with counting calories.

Give Your Brand a Hand - NiCHE Nutrition Information and Health Consultants

It’s not uncommon for women to beat themselves up when their health goals are not met. Whether it’s jumping into a juice cleanse or trying random diet pills from the internet, there are so many unrealistic diets and fads making waves in the media. This is certainly not the best or only way to achieve your health goals, according to Kathy and Micca. What they all of these trends have in common is they are all aimed towards people who are striving for a better version of themselves.

Through taking a more open and realistic perspective toward progress, Kathy and Micca are able to help their clients dismantle this pattern of thinking. It’s all about making small, reasonable changes that over time lead to a healthier mind and body and embracing a non-diet mentality.

Lifelong Lessons

For NiCHE, their dietary programs and lessons are more than just classes, meal planning, and weight loss. Kathy and Micca take pride in being able to work with their clients and inspire a continuing pattern of health and happiness. Though they primarily work with female clients, they’re finding that their impact reaches further than just one individual.

“That’s why we do what we do. We truly have that helper-personality. For Micca and I, the joy we get out of it is just seeing people succeed and feel comfortable.”
-Kathy Levin

From children to spouses, the lessons that NiCHE’s clients learn have a trickledown effect on the rest of their family. Specifically, one of Kathy’s clients took a meal planning class and when she had an off week and started to slack off, her kids were questioning her as to why they hadn’t meal prepped for the week!

Your Brand Could Be Next

Though NiCHE was August’s Give Your Brand a Hand winner, your small business or nonprofit could be next! Enter for your chance to get a helping hand by telling us your unique story at!

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