Maybe you didn’t learn the life skill of sewing, but you still probably have some kind of embroidered item. Whether it’s a knit hat with your favorite baseball team’s logo or a monogrammed hand towel for your bathroom, embroidery adds a classy touch to the most basic items. That’s what makes it so great for promotional products!

What is embroidery? How is it used? It’s time to unravel this decoration method stich by stich!

How Does Embroidery Work?

In this digital age, embroidery is done using advanced software and high-tech machinery. The following takes place to create embroidered promotional products:

  • Step One: A design, logo, or any other artwork is scanned and loaded onto a computer.
  • Step Two: An operator presses a frame around the imprint area and inserts the fabric under the needle in the machine.
  • Step Three: A mechanized needle goes across the material at a rapid pace, putting each stitch into place.
  • Step Four: Each thread color is stitched individually until the logo or design is complete.
  • Step Five: A technician snips off any excess thread and checks for inconsistencies in the embroidered design.
  • Step Six: The end result is a raised, textured look.

This process might surprise you. After all, when you think of embroidery your mind might automatically go to a grandmother sitting in a rocking chair with her needles. However, this digital method is much more efficient and can produce a high volume of embroidered products at a fast rate. In fact, many factories have multiple machines working at the same time!

red hat

For a full look at mechanical embroidery, watch this informative video!

What Are the Best Embroidery Tips for Logos?

You want your items to look as awesome as possible. These embroidery tips make it easy for you to get a great final look:

  1. Choose a silk, neoprene, or cotton product.
  2. Avoid small fonts.
  3. Keep your design simple.
  4. Don’t use gradients.
  5. Try puff embroidery.

1. Choose Silk, Neoprene, or Cotton

neoprene or cotton

The material of the product is very important because it affects the embroidery’s appearance. The materials that work best with embroidery have a smooth finish such as silk, neoprene, or cotton.

silk neoprene or cotton
small fonts

2. Avoid Small Fonts

small fonts

The whole point of ordering promotional products is to send a message to your customers. What good will it do if they need a magnifying glass to read it? It’s best to keep the letters in your logo at ¼” minimum if you’re using embroidery.

3. Keep Your Design Simple

tinley auto repair Source:

Some logos contain a colorful outline, but stitching doesn’t work well with layer after layer. The logo pictured here, for example, would have its blue triangle removed with only the red outline and white fill in the text. This ensures that the embroidery looks as clean and crisp as possible.

tinley auto repair Source:
nashville nightscapes Source:

4. Don’t Use Gradients

gradients Source:

Even though it’s a trendy style, gradient doesn’t show up well in embroidered products. The reason is each individual stitch is done in a row, showing up as straight lines versus the faded effect of ombré. Single, flat colors work best.

5. Try Puff Embroidery

3d embroidery Source:

Consider a new look and go with puff embroidery. This technique raises the stitches to the surface after foam has been inserted under the top stitch, giving your imprint a visually-appealing, 3D effect!

apollo emb Source:

Embroidery has a high-perceived value on the final product and lasts forever as compared to other decoration methods.

Elaine Q, Account Executive at Embroidery USA.

Embroidery Pricing Guide

When it comes to promotional embroidery at Quality Logo Products®, the cost is calculated by the stitch count – a number predetermined by the factory. It’s super easy to know how much you’re going to pay per stich with this downloadable embroidery pricing guide!

thread count chart
thread count chart

Download your embroidery pricing guide

If you’d like to estimate your cost before you place the order, simply hold up your logo to the chart. For every large square your logo covers, you will use roughly 2,000 stitches. Keep in mind, this is just an estimate and isn’t a guaranteed cost for your stitching.

The pricing you see for your embroidery will also be listed on our website. If your logo is a bit more detailed, it’s best to reach out to a customer service rep before you place your order. The team at Quality Logo Products® will always work with the factory to determine your stitch count. This helps provide the most accurate pricing.

Which Embroidery Colors Are Available?
Many giveaways, like beanies, baseball hats, and t-shirts, can be embroidered with your design. Each will have its own special thread colors, which you can find directly on our website.

how embroidered logo is added
logo colors

You’ll also see the number of colors you can use in your embroidered logo.

colors for logo

Some embroidered items have a longer turnaround time based on additional colors, stitch count, and intricacy of your logo. If your deadline is right around the corner, give us a call and we’ll do everything possible to make sure your products arrive on time!

Embroidery Color Matcher

recommended thread colors

Since there are hundreds of color options for your custom logo, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. That’s why we offer a free Embroidery Color Matcher! Simply upload your unique logo, and we’ll send suggestions for the best thread colors. Don’t have a logo? You can choose from your favorite colors and browse through a list of recommended shades. From there, our customer service team will help you with the rest of the process.

thread color recommendations

The Bottom Line

Whether you want embroidered aprons for your bakery or hats for your baseball team, this decoration method adds a stylish touch to any occasion. Put love into every stitch!

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