Learn More About Mouse Pads

Forget plants, string lights, and oil diffusers. Sometimes the best office décor is as simple as a really cool mouse pad, and you want to make sure yours looks awesome.

It’s really super easy! Put on your artist hat and get ready to customize some nifty mouse pads.

Why Do You Need Custom Mouse Pads?

A mouse pad is one of those things you need, but don’t really think about. For that reason, it makes a great giveaway or gift for a number of situations!

Grand Openings

Are you a new tech startup or electronics store? Host a big grand opening and give out custom mouse pads to all the visitors. They’ll remember you every time they look down and see your logo.

Open Houses

If you work in real estate, this one’s for you! A mouse pad is like a bigger, better magnet. You can add your name and phone number and get a bunch of recommendations in the process.

Employee Gifts

Your employees are hard at work every day and their mouse pad will get worn out over time. Decorate new ones, order them in bulk, and hand them out to everyone in the office.

Trade Shows

Regardless of your industry, you should consider having customized mouse pads front and center at your booth. It’s common trade show etiquette to come with something free for the crowd.


People aren’t going to be able to resist eye-catching mouse pads. Sell them at your fundraiser and watch the money come pouring in for your organization!

It may not be a brand new car or a nice pair of earrings, but a mouse pad still makes a pretty great gift. All it takes is a cool eye-catching design and people will be really excited to receive one!

Tips for Customizing Your Mouse Pads

Now that you’re ready to order mouse pads, it’s time to get to the fun part – decorating! Here are the most important tips:

  1. 1 Choose the right material.
  2. 2 Be creative with the shape.
  3. 3 Print in full color.
  4. 4 Use some text.
  5. 5 Think outside of the box.

Choose the Right Material

It’s easy to think of a mouse pad as simply cloth, but there are actually a ton of materials to choose from. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.


An aluminum mouse pad is sleek and futuristic. If you’re announcing the launch of a new high-tech product, this could be the perfect pairing!

Pro: Mouse easily rolls around on the surface
Con: May be slightly uncomfortable on the wrist


Do you want a mouse pad with a softer feel? You can’t go wrong with neoprene! Fun fact: It’s the same stuff used in the wetsuits worn by surfers and scuba divers.

Pro: Waterproof so won’t be damaged by accidental spills
Con: Could easily be torn or punctured


Leather mouse pads are perfect for those going for a higher-end look. If you need a gift for Boss’s Day, this style is an excellent choice!

Pro: Debossed logo gives the design a 3D look that won’t chip or fade over time
Con: More expensive than other materials


Microfiber is one of those materials that’s everywhere – clothing, mops, furniture, and even mouse pads. It’s extremely versatile and affordable for any budget.

Pro: Easy to keep clean
Con: Tends to create a lot of static


Keep track of appointments, birthdays, and other big dates with a mouse pad that doubles as a calendar. Throw it in recycling at the end of the year!

Pro: Serves a dual purpose as it’s a great place for notes
Con: May rip if you’re not careful


While it may sound like a cool superhero name, Vynex is actually a textured surface specifically made for mouse pads.

Pro: Extremely durable and tough
Con: May be difficult to clean due to the rough exterior


You’ll see plastic used in all kinds of items, but it’s rarely associated with mouse pads. It creates a harder surface that’s comparable to a laptop’s touchpad.

Pro: Mouse easily rolls around on the surface
Con: Not very eco-friendly


It may be found in tacky suits, but polyester is also good for your mouse pads. This material is a bit thicker so it provides good padding for your mouse.

Pro: Design won’t fade as quickly
Con: Rougher exterior than other fabrics


Your favorite stress balls are made from polyurethane, but this material can also be used in mouse pads. It’s like a little cushion for your wrist while you’re hard at work!

Pro: Super soft and squishy
Con: White mouse pads may yellow over time

The material you choose for your mouse pads is a matter of preference. No matter what, the design you add on top will look amazing!

Be Creative with the Shape

You don’t have to just go with a square mouse pad and call it a day. There are a ton of cool custom options out there

Print in Full Color

Almost every mouse pad is printed with a full color design on the front. This is good news since it means you can use as many colors as you want, without worrying about paying any extra.

Here’s some inspiration for how to use your colors!

#1: All Over Color

Your design takes over every square inch of the mouse pad from top to bottom. This is a great option for photographs or super colorful logos.

#2: Colorful Design on a Solid Color

Choose a mouse pad in a solid color and then add a smaller design in full color in the center. The mat’s color will peek through and serve as a nice complement for your design.

#3: Half Design, Half Solid Color

Take up the top or bottom half of the mouse pad with a design and print only text on the other half. It’s a great way to make sure your message is super easy to read.

Use Some Text

A mouse pad is a mini billboard that will be seen every single day. With that in mind, you want to make sure yours sends the right message!

Try to include at least one of the following in your design:

  • Name of your company or event

  • Website URL

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Short & sweet message

The imprint area, also known as the space where the design is printed, is fairly large for a mouse pad. You have all the room in the world to be creative with your text!

Think Outside of the Box

A mouse pad may seem like a boring gift, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s up to you to add visual interest to yours and make it different.

Do you need some inspiration?


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Designer Rug

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The best promotional items are stylish, memorable, and unique. Start brainstorming before you order on how you can get your mouse pads to stand out and really make an impression!

Why is a Mouse Pad a Good Gift?

Custom mouse pads are a great gift because everyone needs one, whether it’s an office worker, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent. Students, especially those in college, also benefit from these computer accessories.

Arizona: https://www.zazzle.com/store/arizonawildcats Colorado: https://www.cubookstore.com/default.aspx Illinois: https://bookstore.illinois.edu/default.asp Kansas: https://www.kubookstore.com/default.aspx Kentucky: https://uky.bncollege.com/shop/uky/home Massachusetts: https://umassstore.com/home Minnesota: https://www.zazzle.com/store/minnesotagophers Oregon: https://www.uoduckstore.com Wisconsin: https://www.uwbookstore.com/home

Perhaps that’s why so many universities keep personalized mouse pads in stock at their bookstores. From the east to west coast, these schools are hyping up their brand with something the students will see every time they’re working on an essay or big project.

Mouse pads are useful, and if you customize them in a creative way, they’re also memorable. What’s not to love?

The Bottom Line

You shouldn’t keep the cards close to your chest when it comes to marketing your business. A mouse pad is just as great of a giveaway as mugs, pens, and other common promotional items. Give them a try at your next event!

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