Fidget spinners may have had their heyday in 2017, but don’t count these whirling toys out just yet! A good design, and maybe a bright color, is all it takes to make yours seem new and cool once again.

All trends circle back eventually, right? Be ahead of the curve by customizing fidget spinners. Here all the tips you need to make yours stand out!

Why Do You Need Custom Fidget Spinners?

You can’t host an event without some kind of gift or giveaway for the crowd. Here are some places where fidget spinners will be insanely popular!


Do you work for a non-profit? Custom fidget spinners are a great way to raise more funds for your organization. Sell them in your online gift store or at your next event.

Community Event

Let’s say your town is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Hold a fair for the entire community and offer fidget spinners with “50” printed on top at the entry tent.

Party Favors

Birthdays, holiday parties, and weddings are just a few big events that need party favors. A personalized fidget spinner is a nice gift for any guest, but especially the young ones.

School Picnic

Enjoy the great outdoors and hand out fidget spinners in your school colors to all your students. You can even kick it up a notch by playing a fidget spinner game on the playground!


Parade floats usually have people handing out candy to the audience. Fidget spinners are a lot healthier and are sure to be used time and time again!

Healthcare Facilities

Fidget spinners are said to reduce stress. Your patients will appreciate having a distraction while they’re in the waiting room, especially if they have kids with them.

Music Festival

Pump up the crowd with an old-school toy like fidget spinners. Next to baton twirling and hula hooping, they’re another way for the audience to show off cool tricks!

Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops have been opening all over the place! You can sell themed fidget spinners in your gift shop as a way for your visitors to remember their experience.

Tips for Customizing Your Fidget Spinners

You want your fidget spinners to stand out and be well-loved by everyone who receives one. Follow these tips to make sure they look amazing!

  1. Be thrifty.
  2. Choose a good style.
  3. Have fun with colors.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Pair it with other items.

Be Thrifty

Who wants to spend a bunch of money on a fidget spinner? You only need some loose change or maybe a $1 to get something awesome.

Try any of these custom fidget spinners for under $1!

The smaller price per item means you can get more for less. That’s good news if you have a bunch of people getting these spinners!

Choose a Good Style

You have a variety of fidget spinner styles to choose from. Plus, there are options with two, three, and even eight blades. Take a look below for some of your choices!

What Are the Different Types of Fidget Spinners?

There are many different types of fidget spinners you can choose from. This includes:

  • Hex or Dual Bar
  • Tri
  • Quad
  • Mini
  • Ninja
  • Spinning Pen
  • Shaped Caps
  • Cube
  • Light Up

Hex or Dual Bar

A hex or dual bar spinner has two rotating blades. It’s a lot trendier in appearance and super easy to store in a bag or pocket.


You likely picture this style when you hear the phrase “fidget spinner.” It’s marked by three blades that whirl around as you balance it in the middle.

Source: Stevens, C. Fidget Spinner Tricks, Hacks, & Mods.


The more blades on your spinner, the faster and longer it will go! A quad is a great choice as it has four to eight blades that keep it moving.



Do you want people to think your fidget spinners are adorable? Go with a mini option! They’re just as fun to play with as the regular sized spinners.



Unleash your inner ninja with a fidget spinner shaped like a throwing star! This style is particularly great for doing tricks as it’s got a little extra flair.


Take detailed notes and play with a fidget spinner at the same time with this stylish pen! It’s a lot more memorable than your average fidget spinner.

Shaped Caps

You can find fidget spinners with caps shaped for any season or event. Pumpkins for Halloween, baseballs for game day, Earth for going green… you get the idea!


Go a little retro with a fidget spinner shaped like a Rubik’s Cube. These are fun novelty items for anyone who loves the 80’s.

Light Up

Get all the “ooh’s and aah’s” by customizing fidget spinners that light up. The best part is the batteries are almost always included!

Have Fun With Color

Now that you’ve picked a spinner, the next step is getting the right colors. Try any of these fun color combos!

Dark Spinner with Light Print

Choose a fidget spinner that has a dark color like maroon, navy, black, or violet. Print your design in a lighter color like white, light blue, light pink, or lavender.

Light Spinner with Dark Print

Try the reverse of the first option and pick a lighter color spinner, like a neon green or yellow. Go with a dark color for the design you print on the front.

Mix-and-Match Cap or Ring Colors

Your fidget spinner can be simple, but you can mix-and-match the caps or rings that are fitted on the blades. This is a great way to add two colors in one, especially if you have school colors or a business logo.

Full Color Print

Full color printing is the most cost-effective option if you have a lot of colors in your design. You can print every color in the rainbow without paying a penny for extra inks.

Keep It Simple

A fidget spinner isn’t very big, which means you don’t have a ton of space for your design. The good news is you don’t really have to print very much to get the point across!

Choose 1 to 2 of the following to include in your design:

Keep in mind that most fidget spinners are customized with screen printing. That means you can only print in one color without having to pay extra. If you want more than one color in your design, go with a full color option!

Pair It With Other Items

A fidget spinner is fun, but it’s even more exciting if it’s received in a bundle. You can make an entire gift basket of items that everyone will love.

Consider pairing your fidget spinners with any of these favorites!

Stress Balls

Meet stress balls – the original fidget spinner. These squishy toys come in a variety of shapes, so you can find the perfect option for your company or event.

Baseball Hats

The sun can get in your eyes if you’re throwing a fidget spinner high into the air. A stylish baseball hat is your best defense, plus it’s super comfy to wear.


Just like fidget spinners, you can do some pretty sweet tricks with a yo-yo! These old-school toys make particularly great gifts for “Phone-Free Days” at a school or community center.


Mornings can be a real struggle. A nice custom mug for coffee and a fidget spinner for better focus can make any early event go a little more smoothly.

Drawstring Bags

You can place a bunch of items inside of a drawstring bag, including a fidget spinner. Hand them out at your event’s registration or save them for later and make them party favors.


Think of a frisbee like a giant spinner that soars through the air. It’s a fun outdoor toy that pairs especially well with a fidget spinner.


PopSockets got a ton of buzz the same year as the fidget spinner. The millennials and Gen Z’ers will especially love if they receive both of them at the same time!


Keep it casual by customizing t-shirts. Be sure to choose a cozy material and a color scheme that goes nicely with your fidget spinners.

Why Should You Customize Fidget Spinners?

The fidget spinner is still a thing and a fun item to receive as a gift. However, it becomes a little more special if you add a custom design.

Take inspiration from any of these branded fidget spinners!


McDonald’s has offered branded merch since the first Happy Meal made its debut in 1979. These red and yellow fidget spinners are just another item on the menu and will have you singing, “I’m lovin’ it!”


Collectors will go crazy over these Coca-Cola fidget spinners. They are made unique and refreshing by the cute mini bottles on the blades.


Put down your iPhone and pick up an Apple fidget spinner. These toys came in a variety of colors and were sold at select stores throughout the country.


Disney is a giant company that’s worth billions, but they’re not above a cool fidget spinner. These fun emoji Mickey spinners were sold for $11.99 each at Walt Disney World.


There’s nothing cheesy about this Cheetos fidget spinner. In fact, the limited edition toy has a retail value of $49!

Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes logo is associated with class and luxury. You’ll find a ton of fidget spinners out there with their iconic symbol on the blades.


Google is worth $167.7 million and leads the pack with their cutting-edge technology. Despite their success, they also love a good fidget, investing in a digital one that pops up every time you search for the word “spinner.”


Just do it! Grab a Nike fidget spinner for yourself by visiting Etsy. You’ll also find some versions that have the iconic Air Jordan logo.

Sports Organizations

The NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL got in on the fidget spinner craze with spinners featuring team logos and mascots. These souvenirs pair nicely with the other sports merchandise sold at the stadiums and arenas.


Do you have fine taste? If so, you’ll love this Russian jeweler’s gold fidget spinner. It’s the world’s most expensive spinner with a retail value of $16,000!

These fidget spinners are unique, memorable, and a great way to bring attention to these brands. They put a fun spin on traditional giveaways!

The Bottom Line

You should never feel stuck when it comes to ordering custom products. These tips are here to keep you on the right track, so you can get awesome fidget spinners for your next event. Give them a try!


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