Cheap Promos Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
cheap promotional products!


How Can You Save Money on Promotional Products?

You can save money on promotional products by planning ahead, checking reviews, buying your items in bulk, and picking a simple design. A good coupon or discount code doesn't hurt either!


Why Are People Attracted to Free Giveaways?

People like free giveaways or samples because it makes them feel good to earn something for nothing. They'll likely return the favor in the future by visiting the business again and making a purchase.


Did You Spend Wisely on Your Giveaways?

It's time to reflect and prepare for the future. You will know if you spent wisely on your trade show giveaways by thinking about how well they were liked, and whether or not they got you new customers. If they didn't work well, change it up for next year!


What Was the First Promotional Product?

The first promotional products ever used were engraved coins and jewelry. Constantine the Great used these in Rome to spread the Christian word. In America, it was promotional buttons that were used to celebrate President George Washington's inauguration.


What Are the Most Affordable & Unique Promotional Products on a Budget?

You'll get the most bang for your buck with affordable promotional products. This includes such items as stadium cups, stylus pens, multi-purpose keychains, and cell phone accessories.

The average order size for cheap promotional items under $1 is 665 items.

There are over 147,920 visitors who look at cheap promotional items under $1 every year.

The Round Stress Reliever is the most popular cheap promotional item under $1.

Cheap promotional items under $1 made up a sizeable number of orders last year.