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Have you ever looked at something you own and wished it were more exciting? Plain t-shirts are dull and blank coffee mugs are a snooze, but no items in the world are more yawn-worthy than boring old flash drives.

That’s where custom printing comes into play. With a fun personalized design, basic items can go from one-in-a-million to one-of-a-kind! Ready to get started? Follow this buying guide for USB flash drives!

Why Do You Need Custom Flash Drives?

Technology is a huge part of our lives, which is why almost everyone can use promotional USB drives. In fact, an estimated 74% of people have a laptop or desktop at home.

Custom flash drives are particularly great gifts or giveaways for the following:


Can you imagine working for hours on your college dissertation, only for your laptop to crash and lose your paper? Avoid that nightmare by selling custom flash drives in the bookstore. Your school can also hand out the USBs on orientation day, along with other promotional gifts like planners and pens.


If you’re an artist, you’ll need digital copies of your novel, photography, or graphic designs. Back everything up in cloud storage, and as an extra precaution, keep your portfolio on a flash drive with plenty of gigabytes of space. This is a handy way to make edits or revisions on the go.

Client-Based Industries

USB flash drives are great advertising items for lawyers, realtors, and anyone else who works one-on-one with clients. Preload the drives with any necessary paperwork, and you’ll cut down on paper waste, while at the same time giving your clients freebies they can use again in the future.


Frequent travelers know it can take a long time to get through airport security. Double that if you’re bringing a laptop on an international flight! Flash drives allow you to leave your laptop at home. You can also load the drives up ahead of time with scans of your passport, driver’s license, and booking confirmations.


71% of U.S. employees are currently working at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be risky to completely rely on a remote session to save important files, so provide your team with logo flash drives they can use as well. The USBs are small enough to fit in an envelope, which makes them easy to mail out to everyone as gifts.

Grand Openings

Congratulations – you’re finally hosting a grand opening for your new business! Win over the crowd by handing out free personalized flash drives. This is a great ad strategy for any industry, but most particularly those that deal with tech or finances.

Trade Shows

You should never go to a trade show without promotional giveaways! Set up your display, and you can keep the flash drives right on top for people to take. Go the extra mile and save something interesting on the USBs beforehand, whether it’s business information or funny company photos!

Tips for Customizing USB Flash Drives

It’s finally time to start customizing USB flash drives! Follow these design tips to make sure yours look incredible:

  1. Choose the right storage space.
  2. Have fun with the colors.
  3. Print a simple design.
  4. Make sure the flash drives never get lost.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Storage Space

How Much Storage is on Promotional Flash Drives?

Promotional flash drives can hold anywhere from 1 to 64 gigabytes (gb) of data. On average, custom printed USBs are large enough to store basic digital files like photos, Word docs, and Excel sheets.

Choose flash drives with a storage capacity that meets your needs!

Tip #2: Have Fun With the Colors

What Colors Are Available for Promotional Flash Drives?

You’ll find USB drives ranging from neutral silver and black to more bright, eye-catching colors like lime green, teal, yellow, and hot pink. Ultimately, it’s important to buy promotional flash drives that work with your company’s color scheme.

Try any of these looks!

Black & White

If you want a simple look, you can’t go wrong with white ink on a black flash drive or vice versa. Most flash drives are customized via screen printing, which only includes 1 ink color. With that in mind, this color combo is a good way to ensure you don’t go over budget.


Bring some shine to your custom flash drives! A sleek chrome case is extremely professional, especially if you get your logo or design laser engraved on the top. Get this premium look for an affordable price!


Do you like the look of chrome, but want something more unique? Try gold flash drives! You can even take them to the next level by going with an unusual shape such as the key-shaped USB drives pictured here.

Bold & Bright Colors

You’re a fun, upbeat company, and you want the world to know it! Print your wordmark or logo on flash drives in bright colors like orange, green, or pink. The inked design can be another bright color to really make these promotional gifts pop!


Stick to one color family by printing your logo in a lighter or darker ink than the color of the drives. For instance, choose a royal blue flash drive and print your logo in teal, or maybe a violet flash drive with your design printed in lavender ink.

Two Tone

Two is better than one! Go with a two tone look and your flash drives will incorporate all of your logo colors. These USB drives are typically more stylish, which makes them great promotional giveaways for trendy startups.

Dye Sublimation

You typically get charged for every ink color you use with screen printing. Dye sublimation, on the other hand, includes an unlimited number of ink colors in the cost. It’s more of a splurge upfront, but worth it if you want a colorful logo or design printed on your USB drives.

Tip #3: Print a Simple Design

What Can You Print on Promotional Flash Drives?

Even the coolest flash drive in the world is nothing without some kind of custom design printed on top! Customize your promotional USB flash drives with any of the following:


Your logo is an important investment in your ad strategy. In fact, 18% of small businesses are willing to spend up to $1,000 for a good company logo. If you’re going to spend those marketing dollars, you may as well put them to use!


Do you not have a logo? No worries! You can simply print text on your personalized USB drives instead. Stick with 10 characters max since flash drives are small, and there isn’t room to print too many words.

Logo & Text

If there’s enough space, print your logo side-by-side with text. It could be your company’s name and maybe some kind of contact information like your phone number or website.

Clipart Image

Custom flash drives are ordered for more than just advertising giveaways! Perhaps you want to get some in bulk to put in goody bags at an award ceremony or networking event. In that case, why not customize them with a cute clipart image?


A mascot is the perfect thing to print on personalized USB flash drives for your school. You can even pair it with some kind of spirted message like “Go Tigers!” or “Warrior Pride.”

The key is keep your inked design as simple as possible. Flash drives aren’t as big as billboards, so you don’t have as much space for printing. Stick to the most important images and/or text!

Tip #4: Make Sure the Flash Drives Never Get Lost

Where Can You Keep Promotional Flash Drives?

Go the extra mile and put your custom flash drives in a dedicated bag, or attach them to a keychain or lanyard. This gesture will make it less likely that the USBs will end up getting lost in the future.

Use any of the following:

Pencil Case

A stylish pencil case keeps the custom USB drives from getting buried in the bottom of a bag or backpack.

Cosmetic Bag

You can keep promotional flash drives in a cosmetic bag. Just be sure not to mistake it for your lipstick!


Hang your flash drives on the end of promotional lanyards, and they’ll always be easy to access.


It’s hard to leave home without your car keys! Attach a USB keychain to the ring for a portable way to save your data.

Mint Tin

Don’t throw away the tin after the mints are gone! It’s the perfect place for a small USB drive.

Jar or Cup

A busy professional can keep custom USB flash drives on their desk inside of a dedicated jar or plastic cup.

What is the Most Reliable USB Flash Drive?

The most reliable USB flash drives are the ones that will hold your data for at least 10 years. Promotional flash drives are just as good as brand name USBs like SanDisks, PNY Turbos, or Samsung.

Overall, spend your money wisely on personalized flash drives. They should not only have enough storage space, but should also be more stylish and unique than the ones you can buy from stores.

Are Flash Drives Obsolete?

Even with cloud storage, flash drives are still useful when it comes to saving your most important files. We all need a backup, and tiny USBs are a portable, easy way to access the information you need.

The Bottom Line

You’re now ready to customize the best-looking flash drives in the computer lab! Other people are sure to feel jealous of such cool promotional giveaways. Take it as proof that with a good custom design, even something as ordinary as a flash drive can be an amazing gift!


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