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It’s time to channel your inner fashion designer and create stylish custom duffel bags. You may be new to the process, but it’s super easy as long as you have the right advice to get you started. That’s where this buying guide will be a dream come true!

Are you ready to wow with custom duffel bags? Whether you want them as personalized gifts or are selling them in a gift shop, you’ll end up with something incredible if you follow these tips and tricks.

Why Do You Need Custom Duffel Bags?

Duffel bags can be amazing company merch for places like travel agencies and gyms. They’re also a great choice if you need custom gifts for the holidays!

Custom duffel bags are perfect for the following places, industries, and events:

Travel Agencies

Your clients want to go on that dream vacation, but don’t want to deal with baggage fees. Encourage them to pack only one carry-on by offering custom duffel bags from your agency. The bags can be a “thank you” gift for new clients, or something you offer as part of a promotional deal.


Does your airport offer a gift shop? Sell promotional duffel bags printed with your airport’s name and logo along with the neck pillows and paperback novels. These bags will be lifesavers for travelers who are coming back from their vacation with a bunch of souvenirs.

Hotels & Resorts

It happens all the time. Your guests were so distracted while packing, they forget to bring along beach bags. Sell some custom duffels in your gift shop, and they’ll sell faster than you can say, “hit the waves!”

Sports Teams

You are the champions! Celebrate the end of another great season by giving personalized duffel bags to all of your athletes. Choose bags in your team colors, and get them f with each player’s name and jersey number.

Dance Classes

Whether it’s ballet, tap, or hip hop, dancers have to bring a bunch of items to and from class. Make it easier for them to carry their water bottles, shoes, and other essentials by handing out barrel duffel bags as gifts.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

A good gym bag can make all the difference between the motivation to exercise and just staying at home on the couch. Hand out free promotional duffel bags with a membership, or give the bags out as gifts when your clients reach a new goal.

Theme Parks

People come to theme parks, zoos, and aquariums from all over the country. Hopefully they had a fun enough time to purchase a few souvenirs! Keychains and snow globes are fine, but gift shops should also offer more splurge-worthy items like duffel bags.

Summer Camps

Kids come home from summer camp with free t-shirts, noodle necklaces, and sunburns! Why not kick it up a notch with personalized duffel bags as well? They can use them to pack when they come back to your camp next year!


Nothing is worse than getting into the car with a wet bathing suit. Duffel bags are spacious enough for a change of clothes, while the side pockets are great for dry shoes. You won’t have to wear your slippery flip flops after doing a few laps!


The duffel bag was actually used for the first time during World War I. Go back to these roots by offering soldiers duffel bags they can use for everything from boot camp to combat.


Students who are staying in dorms will appreciate logo duffel bags in their college bookstore. They can also use them when they go home for the holidays or for toting laundry from their room to the machines.

Holiday Gifts

Are you stuck on what to give as holiday gifts this year? Blow everyone away with personalized duffel bags. All you need is a trendy color and cool design to make this gift stand out.

Tips for Customizing Duffel Bags

It’s time to start customizing duffel bags. Think of each bag as a blank canvas, just waiting for you to let your creativity shine! Follow these tips to create amazing custom duffel bags:

  1. Pick large bags with plenty of pockets.
  2. Decide on the right handles or straps.
  3. Choose a stylish look.
  4. Be smart with colors.
  5. Print a memorable design.

1. Pick Large Bags With Plenty of Pockets

2. Decide on the Right Handles or Straps

What Are the Different Types of Bag Handles?

While the best duffel bags are large, they shouldn’t be a burden to carry. Be on the hunt for padded straps or grab handles that will sit comfortably on a person’s shoulders or in their hands.

You have many options when it comes to the straps and handles on duffel bags. This includes:

  • Crossbody strap
  • Shoulder straps
  • Grab handles
  • Backpack straps
  • Pull handle
  • Velcro handles
  • Rounded handles

Crossbody strap

Shoulder straps

Grab handles

Backpack straps

Pull handle

Velcro handles

Rounded handles

Duffel bags often come with more than one handle or strap. In fact, a combination of a crossbody strap and grab handles is fairly common. This gives a person options when it comes to how they want to carry the bags.

3. Choose a Stylish Look

What Are the Duffel Bag Styles?

You can find promotional duffel bags that are professional, sporty, or fashionable. Ultimately, you should choose bags that fit with your brand or organization’s vibe.

Professional Duffel Bags

Sporty Duffel Bags

Fashionable Duffel Bags

Travel Duffel Bags

4. Be Smart With the Colors

How Are Duffel Bags Customized?

When you customize duffel bags, you have two things to think about in regards to color: 1) the color of the bags, and 2) the color of the ink. The goal is for your team or logo colors to be somewhere in the final design.

Duffel bags are customized using one of the following:

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Dye Sublimation
  3. Embroidery
  4. Debossing

Screen Printing
1 Ink Color Included

If you’re on a budget, screen printing is the best choice. You only get 1 ink color included for free for your logo or design, so make sure your brand colors are present in the bag itself. For instance, Coca-Cola would love advertising with this red duffel bag.

Dye Sublimation
Unlimited Ink Colors

Do you have a super colorful logo? Check out bags that are customized using dye sublimation. You can print as many ink colors as you want without paying any extra.

1 to 7 Thread Colors Included

Instead of using ink, get your design or logo stitched onto the duffel bags. Embroidery gives the bags a handmade look, and the design will also last for an insanely long time. Keep in mind, the number of free thread colors will vary depending on the bag you choose.

1 Color Included

Get a 3D look by shopping for debossed duffel bags. It will look like your logo was put onto the bags with the help of a gigantic stamp. A debossed look is very refined and professional.

5. Print a Memorable Design

What Can You Print on Duffel Bags?

The custom design is the cherry on top! Your duffel bags are made more special with this personal touch, so take some time to really plan out something amazing.

Print any of the following on your duffel bags:

Person’s Name


Company/Organization Name


Text + Logo


Other Considerations When Buying Custom Duffel Bags

You’re almost ready to order custom duffel bags! Here’s are a few other things to think over before you buy.

Mesh Pockets

If you’re getting duffel bags for athletes or your gym, you should make sure there’s a mesh pocket on the side or front. Your team or clients can use it to store their sports drinks or water bottles.

Zippers or Buckles

Some duffel bags zip open and closed, while others are secured with a buckle. Think about what will be most practical for everyone who’s receiving one of your custom bags.

Cooler Bags

Duffel bags are great year round, but if you’re getting them in the summer, consider custom cooler bags! They’ll come in handy for picnics, barbecues, and pool parties.


Do you plan on carrying your duffel bag to the pool or bringing it along on a hike? Look for bags that are made from water-resistant materials like neoprene or vinyl.


Leather and canvas are going to look more professional than nylon or polyester. Keep that in mind if you want high-end bags that can be carried to work.

Brand Name

Brands like Carhartt and Puma offer their very own line of logo duffel bags. If you love a certain brand, why not shop their collection? Your bags will match the rest of your wardrobe!


Let’s say you’re torn between two different duffel bags. Go with the one that’s made from an eco-friendly fabric like organic cotton or linen. You can even find duffels that are made from recycled materials!


Promotional products are often ordered in bulk, but if you only need a small quantity, try low minimum options. This is a good idea if you’re shopping for holiday gifts for employees, or if you’re giving the duffel bags out as prizes.

USA Made

Last but not least, do your best to shop for USA made duffel bags. It’s a little thing you can do to help boost the American economy.

Why Are Duffel Bags Useful?

Duffel bags are useful when you don’t want to deal with the bulk from suitcases. Whether you’re an athlete, traveling for a long weekend, or needing a bag to bring to and from the gym, you can’t go wrong with a good duffel!

The appeal of duffel bags is they’re lightweight, yet insanely strong. You will be able to use them time and time again!

The Bottom Line

Woo-hoo! You’ve crossed the finish line, and you’re ready to order personalized duffel bags. Follow the design tips listed above to come through with gifts that everyone loves. Your clients will bring your brand with them on every vacation or trip to yoga class!

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