Are you in the market for some new pens for your company? Why not go with something useful like styluses? With a rubber tip that works on cell phones and tablets on one end, and a handy black ink pen on the other, you’re getting the best of both worlds in one promotional product!

You’re probably not a pro when it comes to customizing stylus pens, but that’s okay! This design and buying guide is here to make your life easier.

Why Do You Need Custom Stylus Pens?

It’s probably safe to say that you’re not buying custom stylus pens on a whim! Which of these sounds closest to your reason for ordering?

Grand Opening

Are you a tech startup opening your doors for the first time? Spread the word with personalized stylus pens for everyone in the crowd. You can even mail them out to homes in your area ahead of time!

Product Launch

Congrats! You’ve just invented a cell phone that never has to be charged. Hand out free stylus pens to go along with it. These pens are great for any electronics company with new gizmos and gadgets to share!

High Schools or Colleges

Students are always busy writing papers, studying for tests, and trying not to go crazy over loans! Keep stylus pens in your bookstore to make their lives a little bit easier. The students can not only jot quick reminders, but also play fun phone games when they need a break!

Job Fair

You want potential candidates to remember your company after a job fair. Lay a few promotional stylus pens on your table for visitors to take with them as a souvenir.

Medical Center

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more common to use smart devices to scan or fill out information at a doctor’s office. Get rid of the clipboards and paper forms that you usually hand out to patients, and use tablets and stylus pens instead.


Bring in extra money by selling stylish stylus pens at your fundraiser. Even an extra 50 cents to $1 here and there will make a huge difference! This is a great strategy for any non-profit or charity.

Trade Show

You don’t want to be that guy that shows up empty-handed to the trade show. Skip on the usual cheap pens and spring for styluses instead. They’ll be welcome gifts and will make you stand apart from the other booths and displays.

Employee Gifts

Whether it’s the holiday season or you just want employee appreciation gifts, you can’t go wrong with elegant stylus pens. Get them engraved with your company name and package them in stylish gift boxes!

The market for smartphones and tablets continues to grow year after year. In fact, in 2020 alone there were 3.8 billion smartphone users in the United States. Since we’re all pretty much glued to our devices, it’s safe to say that custom stylus pens will always be great gifts or giveaways!

Tips for Customizing Stylus Pens

Maybe you didn’t graduate with a degree in graphic design. That’s okay! Here are the top design tips to make sure your personalized stylus pens look amazing!

  1. Make sure the stylus is compatible.
  2. Decide on twist or retractable pens.
  3. Choose the right look.
  4. Keep the printed design simple.
  5. Order in bulk.

Tip #1: Make Sure the Stylus is Compatible

How Do You Know if a Stylus is Compatible?

The key to choosing the right custom stylus pens is to make sure they’re labelled as “capacitive.” This means the stylus will be compatible with all touchscreen smartphones and tablets, whether they’re made by Samsung or Apple.

Note that touchscreen laptop screens require a special type of stylus to work. You shouldn’t buy any random pens and expect them to be harmonious with your PC or Mac. Do your research if that’s important to you!

Tip #2: Decide on Twist or Retractable Pens

What Are Retractable Vs. Twist Stylus Pens?

There are a ton of different types of pens out there, so it’s important to narrow down your options. Styluses are typically either retractable or twist style pens.


Most people refer to retractable pens as “click pens.” To write, you simply click the plunger on top to release the pen’s tip. You click again to access the rubber tip of the stylus.


Twist and shout! This type of pen works by twisting the barrel to release the pen’s tip. The stylus in this case is at the top of the pen instead of the bottom.

Either type of pen is perfectly fine, it just depends on your preferences! If the difference to you is negligible, choose the style that’s more budget-friendly.

Tip #3: Choose the Right Look

How Should My Stylus Pens Look?

Your company’s logo colors should be visible on the pen, whether it’s the color of the entire stylus or just on the rubber grip as an accent.

From there, you can decide between more casual or executive pens:

Mop Top Pens are quirky novelty styluses that work as screen cleaners and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Get them as corporate gifts, or as “thank you” presents for your top clients.

Tip #4: Keep the Printed Design Simple

What Can You Print on Stylus Pens?

Stylus pens aren’t very big, so now isn’t the time to print a novel or an extravagant work of art! You want the design to communicate the key information at a quick glance.

Print any of the following on the barrel of your custom stylus pens:


Print your company name on stylus pens for a brand boost! You can also add your monogram if you’re ordering personalized stylus pens as wedding favors.

Contact Info

Sometimes people don’t want to put in the effort to Google your company. List your contact info on the barrel of stylus pens, and they’ll always know how to reach you!

Small Logo

You don’t have enough space to print your founder’s portrait, but you can still fit your logo or a free clipart image on a stylus pen. Pair the image with text for the most impact.


Are you handing out the stylus pens at an offline event? Be sure to include your website on the barrels so your visitors know where to find you later.

Catchy Slogan

Why not have some fun? Print your company slogan on the stylus pens, or even better, some kind of cheeky message meant to make people laugh.

You can get your stylus pens customized via screen printing or full color printing. Screen printing typically includes only 1 ink color for free, whereas full color printing has all of the ink colors included in the price.

Tip #5: Order in Bulk

Why Should You Order Custom Stylus Pens in Bulk?

As cool as it would be, stylus pens won’t last forever. The more you have, the more you can hand out at your promotional events like trade shows, job fairs, or school fundraisers.

Not to mention, stylus pens are always useful office supplies to have in your company’s supply room. There’s no expiration date on pens, so order a bunch at once! You can really never have too many pens, especially if they come with a handy stylus.

Why Should You Customize Stylus Pens?

In this day and age, you can’t go wrong with technology promotional items. Styluses are great because they work on old-fashioned paper. Those who prefer jotting things down in notebooks or on Post-its won’t feel left out. However, styluses also can be used on cell phone and tablet screens, which in this digital world, makes a huge difference!

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to order promotional products wholesale, you may as well go with something useful. Pens are wonderful advertising items, but styluses are even better! Everyone who receives one can keep it in their bag and take it out to play games on their cell phones, write their grocery lists, and so much more. Get stylus pens in bulk and win over the crowd at your event!

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